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All user-submitted stories in approximate alphabetical order!

9:18 PM - By Dandelion Steph - "Nobody toasted fur collars."

%#$@$#% - By Jacobguy - "I'm trapped in a dark room. No doors, no windows or lights. All I can hear is the sobbing."

5 Stories - By Trash Face - "From the ceiling hung a shaggy fur of black moss or hair, curling slowly like the fingers on his hands, curling restlessly around the cigarette."

238 - By Acyde - "Patient 238 was extremely sympathetic and kind. It was impossible not to like them."

ABSTRACT - By Flee - "The things that we saw were near indescribable, forms unlike anything imaginable based on earth life."

A CHRISTMAS PERIL - By Vague1 - "Four figures, darkness and ice, veiled in fur."

A CONTEMPORARY FUNERAL - By Pyro Gibberish - "the closest thing to death hoists her onto its lumpy back."

THE ADVERSARY - By Vague1 - "Something pulsated and slithered its way out of his back, leaving a husk in its wake, rising from among the countless dead."

A FAMILIAR FACE - By Infernalthing - "I woke up in one of his guest rooms. My face was covered in bandages."

ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT - By Daniel Saults - (Downloadable game! Zip file!)

ALICE WENT TO SLEEP - By Raven - "Alice passed out drunk. And the gods answered."

AN EQUINE QUESTION - By J. Ford - "Decomposition is not an issue, since it is beyond death."

ANESTHESIA - By Slothkeeper - "... the eyes are the only things vaguely human about it."

A PATIENT SORT OF EVIL - By Anonymous - "Father Bowman sang holy fire into our ears and our hearts and the Falls screamed out their hate and death behind him..."

A PLASTIC NIGHTMARE - By Jerry Reynolds - "The Santa is now joined by a small snowman. I will have to confront Josef about this in the morning."

ALOE AND MANGO - By Dandelion Steph - "I wake up spluttering. There's something in my mouth, something pouring a cloying, viscous liquid."

A MOTHER'S LOVE - By Nicholas Bragg - "He felt something move along his leg, a sudden wet, warm feeling about it."

THE AMUNDSEN-SCOTT INCIDENT - By Johnny Vallone - "The penguin got in again."

AND THAT'S HOW I GOT HERE - By Michael Behnke - "So then his floppy-ass head whispers in my ear “Yes, it is quite precious”. And then..."

AN IMAGE IN THE LIGHT - By Lee Sherman - "When I see lightning, it dissolves my knowledge and reason, allowing primal fears to spill into my mind"

ANTS - By William Robinson - "Under our watchful supervision, the hive grew and prospered in just a few short years."

ASPHYXIA - By Wyatt Hill - "All it takes is one little gasp and he’ll have found me."

A THOUSAND BODIES - By Adam Bellamy - "I can feel the scratching in my head again..."

AT THE BOUNDARIES, UNEXPECTEDLY - By Erickson Warne-Coles - "Cyan. Everything was cyan."

A WILL FOR THE BEACH - By Revereche - "It will say things. You may not understand all of it. You will understand the important parts. "

APT. 14 - By Orionide5 - "I think the apartment might have bugs."

A QUICK DEATH - By Miranda Johansson - "It is eerily silent on the day of my entombment."

A ROOM - By Reese Yeeter - "It fills with a red geleatin."

AS SEEN ON TV - By Cuttlefish King - "Can I interest you in some commercially grown annelids?"

ASYLUM - By Derekkato - "Was that croaking, growling noise human?"

Admirality - By The Album Atrium - "Are you familiar with the organ that pumpsh blood?"

A Hairy Hypothetical - By Jon Strong - (short)

The Akaname - By James B. Davis - "It was my first, and my last, trip in Japan."

Alarm - By DC - "17/09: Old bombing siren in London jams. Took 1 hour to turn it off."

A Life of Loss - By Eccentric Entomophile - (poem)

Alone - By Ryan Oleynik - "My life used to be so lonely, I felt like I had no one."

A Love Story - By Kite Line - "During these episodes I would open up my bedroom window, crawl outside, and walk into the forest."

A Meeting in the Fog - By Charred Newt - "Rotten? No, I wouldn’t say that."

Amos 5:11 - By Anonymous - "Some wealthy person is always building a new house"

Anodyne - By Vague1 - "We buried it on my tenth birthday, my father and I."

A Problem With Other Minds - By R. Breen - "Was there any way to be sure that they were real people?"

A Reflection on the Nature of Mirrors - By Max Peabody - "Continued analysis of our shared history only baffles my doppelganger and me even more."

Are You Sleeping - By Anonymous - "They looked somewhat like giant flies, I guess, only they didn’t have wings and they were covered in skin"

A Slight Misunderstanding - By Birilli - "it watched me from behind the white car"

Authentic - By Vague1 - "There was never a monster under my bed"

Aberrant Behaviour - By Hisham H. - "The following is an excerpt available free of charge from the Journal of Herpetology"

A Blurred Line - By Hisham H. - "Coroner says cause of death was primarily head injury, identified as steel bat"

A Light in my Eye - By Eccentric Entomophile - (Poem)

All the King's Horses - By Nelke - "I had filled the cranium with old newspapers, and given her a knit hat to make her appear whole."

A Minor Obsession - By Michael Myburgh - "It’s really nothing major, sometimes there’s just something you find repulsive, something that disgusts you, something that DRIVES You out of your Fucking MIND!"

Anatomy of Terror: Transcript for 05:14, 03/02/20__ - By Huw Saunders - "he jumps up, swinging around like he’s out of his cake, gets in my face. So I give him a push. Barely nothing, just a push, get him to get away from me."

Anatomy of Terror: Dr. L_’s first narrative - By Huw Saunders - "The flesh was so weak his head could have fallen off under its own weight."

Anatomy of Terror: Transcript for 01:22, 07/02/20__ - By Huw Saunders - "If there’s zombies, you really trust this government to deal with them?"

Anatomy of Terror: Dr. L_’s second narrative - By Huw Saunders - "Two people died for nothing. Two more are in prison, because of the zombie panic we set off"

Anatomy of Terror: Transcript for 14:46, 08/02/20__ - By Huw Saunders - "The panic’s the thing, people come to think ‘oh no, zombies’ and go crazy."

The Ancient Library - By B.G. Bosworth - "I let out a small cry of alarm at the sobbing humanlike figure crouching away from me."

An Elven History - By H. Whitehead - "It had taken Jake Carver twenty years to arrive at the conclusion that there was life elsewhere in the universe "

A Piece of My Mind - By Mort Harris - "I remember there being a no-pets clause in the contract, but they keep bringing in more and more animals – actually, I don’t even know if I can call them animals anymore"

A Premature Burial - By Alex L - "Slowly, you extend your hand outward, hoping to feel around for a light, and to your surprise, you meet surprisingly soft resistance almost immediately."

A Price for Progress - By Fluffy the Doombringer - "08:00 Subject complains of minor irritation around injection site"

A Problem With Rats - By J.D. Stroud - "She ran and flung open the door to find him sobbing on the bed, holding his cheek where one of the little monsters had bitten him."

A Short Review of a Nice Restaurant - By Fluffy the Doombringer - "Texturewise, the closest thing i can compare it to is veal, I guess."

Architecture of Peril - By John Vallone - "I think this is something old.  Older than Ghost Mother, or the River Man.  Something so old we weren’t meant to know about it."

A Simple Life - By Anonymous - "You try to sleep, although the dog's barks keep waking you up. You don't have a dog, you didn't for a long time."

A Taste of Pale Flesh - By Joseph Bashaw - "The thing was a giant, taller than two men. It had smooth pale skin and four great limbs."

A Tiny Piano - By Keetah Spacecat - "I spent many hours as a small child, winding up the music box and pretending to play the piano on its tiny printed on keys."

A Visit From Old Shrivel Sack - By Patrick - (poem)

BABY WEIGHT - By Sarah Benkin - "She won't eat the glass or the metal, or the little bits of tinfoil I cut up for her."

THE BALANCE OF CONTROL - By David Jansen - "Instead of cheese he took cucumber, no coffee only water, no news but exercises."

BACK TO SCHOOL - By Erickson Warne-Coles - "Today we will be learning about calcium."


THE BABY JAR - By Olita Clark - "...the latest and greatest way of expanding your family!"

BABY SLEIGH - By Anonymous - "a slick and oiled handlebar moustache, its tips groomed into impeccable curls"

BEHIND IT ALL - By Ryan Oleynik- "I can hear it out there, that heavy breathing. But the door is closed, it can’t get in."

BEWARE OF BIG HANDS - By Anonymous - "Everything is collapsible."

BFEUbrgubrubsbubfea journal - By Brian Shadensack - "Any "injury”" to the apartment is healed the next "day."

BLACK FRIDAY - By Olita Clark - "...the woman clung to the smooth face of glass and steel in the manner of a fly."

THE BOOK - By Anonymous - "They burrowed deep inside, making thousands of holes in his skin."

BEAUTIFUL HOUSE - By Gronkling - "I miss when I could remove my mind and become wrapped in metal tubes."

BIRD BRAINS - By Hybris - (14 Page Comic!)

BLACK HAIRS - By Anonymous - "A black hair on my towel. Black hairs on my comb. A black hair in the sink."

BLACK SHEETS - By Lasagnaface - "My grandfather saw me now, and began to panic, trying to hide the thing beside him from my view."

THE BLEED - By Scott Denk - "They drifted lazily in little clouds, with more slowly streaming out of various cracks in the ground to join their brethren in flight."

BLEACH - By Prophet Storm - "They are our only line of defense against something we can't see."

BLOCKAGE - By Miranda Johansson - "Your head throbbed, felt stuffy from the phlegm."

BLUE - By Cameron Macfarlane - "I found an egg today. Just lying on the ground, no nest, no mother in sight."

BONES OF GOD - By Johnny Vallone - "A Play to be Performed Before an Audience of the Dead."

BOOGEYMAN - By Courtney Levy - "It can't help how it looks, I think, my numb and shaking hands moving to touch its cold, pale face."

BOOTUBE - By tbok1992 - "Greetings fraidies and mental-men!"

THE BOXES: ONLY EVER BUY THE TRUE SODAS - By Samuel Miller - "Today, I saw 2 gray-skinned, lumpy people. The first was a man, who had small eyes, and his arms were like short, lumpy flippers with fingers."

THE BOXES: SUPER HAPPY FUNLAND - By Samuel Miller - "I noticed he had an impossibly long smile, almost plastered on his pale, noseless face."

THE BOXES: THE ISLAND - By Samuel Miller - "They were a large whale-like slug, a small baby with gills that makes baying noises, and an egg."

The Boxes: Horse Hole - By Sam Miller - "It has a torso, but it is so far away from me so as to be nigh unnoticeable. Its head, if it even has one, is completely hidden in the reaches of the sky. It bellows."

The Boxes: Tooth Fairy - By Sam Miller - "The floor is a terrible tacky carpet. The ceiling is also a terrible tacky carpet. Similarly, the walls are terrible tacky carpet. All surfaces are covered with terrible tacky carpet."

BROOD - By Raven - "I checked the mirror. It was beginning."

BROWN FLESH AND GREEN FLESH - By Angela Shaver - "A gas floats away. It sweeps by the unsuspecting, aging them until they are rotten pulp."

BUG MOUNTAIN - By Ian Tews - "I heard that the bugs used to be human. They were people who got lichen disease so bad it metamorphosed them."

Babies Can Swim - By Anonymous - "it’s not fun to listen to thousands of people drowning in divine justice"

Bag Lady - By Brian Shadensack - "No one liked the bag lady"

Bag Man - By Huw Saunders - "Ah, jeez," says the man in the gas mask, as more people in identical gas masks appear around him. "Looks like a bad one."

Beelzebus - By Joseph Hartman - "Six passengers. And six stops. Each worse than the last. Each one intended for one of you…"

Better Safe Than Sorry - By Anonymous - "Consider this young couple. They are about to leave their flat, and one of them is joking about how paranoid the other is, having several locks on the door and closing every single one of them"

Bigger Fish - By Trar - "I know you're not the only one skeptical of me, but let's assume for a moment that those two cargo ships really were attacked by foreign submarines."

Birthchild - By Anonymous - "It's a clip of childbirth. But there is no sound or anything. The picture quality is pretty bad."

Black Flies - By John Vallone - "Always the black fly no matter where you go"

The Boxes: Somewhere Over the Rainbow - By Samuel Miller - "The rusty metal and rotten wood construct drones out a song in a faint and raspy voice"

Breath - By Nelke - "Some walls eat people."

The Bumps - By Evan MacNeil - "Moles. That's what people had."

The Baby Wars part 1 - By James B. Davis - "Thousands of Virgin Marys all across the country. Never touched, but blessed with children. Women from the ages of 13 to 100 were becoming pregnant. Each pregnancy only taking 3 months."

Bamboo - By Anonymous - "They reach higher than most trees, those great stalks. They glow with a sick green in this pink haze, the sight of them filling me with a nauseous feeling."

Big Betty - By Gareth Barsby - "They had teeth and I had teeth, but my teeth were used for digging into the ground. I wasn’t entirely like them."

Bovine - By R.B. Walsh - "I never saw any UFO, let alone any cows floating in the air, but I suppose in retrospect I could have been sleeping."

BURGRR YUM - By Hisham H. - "Item dispensed: Styrofoam clamshell that contains what appear to be pale worms writhing in a thick meat sauce with meatballs."

Butterball - By James B. Davis - "You've just bought a massive Butterball Turkey for the family to eat."

The Beast - By ProphetStorm - "The thing had chased him for years---an eternity, it seemed."

Beauty in the Eye - By DNotA - "The forms were very simple, and very uniform: A perfect circle with tapered ribbons trailing after it."

Before the Experiment - By John Vallone - "I remember the exact moment I came into existence, emerging into this sterile hulk I now inhabit, empty and confused"

Benthicket - By Verruciformis - "I think everyone can agree that spiders are fucking creepy, except, of course, for this godforsaken patch of the sticks."

Bloody - By Thomas Wisdom - "They can't enter a house without an invitation."

The Blue Room - By Monkeysky - "The blue room is in an unmarked house in one of the major cities of the Czech Republic, and that's as specific as I'm going to get, as far as location goes. It's one of the top tourist destinations in the world for people with a lot of money and degenerated emotions, and has been for about thirty years."

The Breakfast Horror - By Mort Harris - "Any mold that could thrive on the biologically hostile surface of a toaster pastry would surely be a tenacious little creature; even the most cursory of studies might provide a clue as to the identity of the mold growing on the pastry."

Burstday - By Prophet Storm - "For hundreds of years, we've been cloning men and women alike, but anything with two x chromosomes is born dead."

CAMILLE - By Esther Roman - "The upside-down face
pressing against the glass at night. The twitching kid, the ragged figure."

CANDY HELL SONG - By Axle the Beast - (short)

CAPTAIN'S LOG - By Elliot Avery - "The men have all but abandoned the literary and electronic arts. Flesh is the medium of choice for their entertainment. Each other's and their own."

CARMINE AND WOLF - By Jack Allan - "Skeletons were stacked between a pair of large freezers, they had been stripped, but not clean."

CARRIER - By Tangle - (short)

THE CEREMONY - By Prophet Storm - (short)

CHARLIE - By Johnny Vallone - "I have faint memories of a life before, with others of my kind, but my captivity is taking its toll on my mind."

CAT FLAP - By Jeff - "Don’t laugh. Cat flaps. Can’t stand them. And I love cats, you know, I just haven’t had one for years."

CATS AND DOGS - By Olita Clark - "Splat."

CHANNEL EIGHT - By Filthypeasant - "Out onto the stage pour three, identical, and astonishingly ugly 3-D models."

THE CHILDREN'S FIELD - By C. Lonnquist - "tiny teeth reflected the light; not sharp or feral, but cracked and broken and missing.."

THE CHOSEN ONE - By Johnny Vallone - " "A giant fucking bright red second moon appears in the sky all of a sudden, and you aren't even bothered by this?."

CLARITY IN REVERIE - By David Balbata - "I saw it, I lived it and now I live to be with It."

COAT - By Maxx Mann - "The third model was by far the best, wearing a seamless leather jacket that looked like a cocoon or some kind of protective covering the model himself formed naturally."

COLD IN HERE - By John Petrie - "Every voice in the radiator sighed with me."

CHUNK ERROR - By Alexis Feynman - "A piece of the ocean was missing."

CITY FOLK - By Kiara Maher - "When they came back, they were different."

CLEANERS - By Johnny Vallone - "Any cleaner who delivers to me the coordinates of a previously unknown vermin infestation will be rewarded."

CLEAN YOUR CLOSET - By Alexis Feynman - "Mama always told me to clean out my closet."

THE COLISEUM - By Prophet Storm - "The newly-made creature's skull is immense, and its eyes are hidden in deep, cavernous, tunnel-like sockets."

CORRUPTED - By Liam Frain - "I’ve been around for years, watching these humans come and go..."

COMMUTING - By C. Lonnquist - "The first one looked like a child when I saw it; naked and strangely yellow. Clammy, ochre skin."

COMPLAINT 212 - By Attila Korsós - (short)

CONFIGURATIONS - By Nick Noah - "There was one item in that basement that always seemed particularly ominous to me, my dad’s old coat."

CPR TRAINING - By C. Lonnquist - "The faces lay in front of us."

THE CUBE - By Frozen Killer - "I wake up. I’m in the same surroundings I have been in for the last 4 years of my life. I have no memory of anything except this room."

THE CUTE-IST - By Crimson Coconut - "The examination room had charts and models of organs we'd never heard of."

CURED - By Daniel Saults - "Again, the growth seemed to inch upward"

THE CREEP - By Anonymous - "I’m pretty sure they are the ones who did it, but what they did exactly, I can’t tell."

CROWS - By The Awesome Flee - "I’ve had a crow infestation for a while now."

Casefile: 2 Spooky - By Thomas F. Johnson - "shriek went the man dragging himself down the pier, screaming under the weight of the cartoon-witch-head-shaped tumor crushing his spine"

Case Report #106 - By Jacobguy - " None of the patient's pustules have ruptured since developing."

Cast Away - By John Vallone - "The glob moved through the air erratically, up and down and to the sides seemingly with no rhyme or reason, like ink in water."

The Cats Don't Care - By Anonymous - "Chorus: THE CATS DON’T CARE!"

Change - By Jacobguy - "we were promised change, little did we know what it really meant"

Clatter - By Jacobguy - "do you ever wonder what happens to your old teeth?"

Color - By Jacobguy - "the color, the color"

Companion - By Izzy Winchester - "Perhaps you have a cat."

Contagion - By Rahkshasarani - "Can someone really be so convincing, so charming, that they can spread malaise like a cold?"

Cornfields - By Sorbus - "When I look to my north, corn. When I look to my south, more corn. Maybe a dilapidated barn on occasion."

Crawling - By Ryan Oleynik - "The plaster arms were slowly dragging the legless torso across the floor."

Cannibal Canto - By Aoakesme - (short poem!)

Car Enthusiast - By Anonymous - "When I step on the gas, it soars. No "find the G-spot" or "let's talk about our feelings" bullshit. I like that."

The Carrier - By Rahkshasarani - "How could I have anything to do with how it started? Blame the fishermen. They're the ones who brought the fish in."

Carrots on the Brain - By Dandelion Steph - "A most unusual case, Mr. Casey." said the doctor. "Never before have I seen a carrot in the appendix."

Chang'e's Scream - By Jess Adams - "We have colonies on Mars, space stations in orbit, even rumors of something with Ceres, but Luna stares down at us, blank and devoid of life."

Clémence and Pikaia - By Lee Sherman - "I saw twins born, identical except that one lacked a head."

Comedian - By Mort Harris - (short!)

Concrete - By Luke G. Jones - "I saw the building just off the road near some tollbooths at Creek Turnpike. I started to ask the toll collector if she could see it too, but my mouth was too dry to say anything."

Concrete Beach - By Joseph Hartman - (Short Poem)

(Concrete Beach II) The Silence of Concrete Beach - By Joseph Hartman - "Oh, island of stone, / you stand alone, / Atop a sleeping sea."

(Concrete Beach III) The Wall of Concrete Beach - By Joseph Hartman - "Across the street, a girl played with her friend. Her friend lacked bones, and flopped around like a ragdoll."

(Concrete Beach IV) The World of Concrete Beach - By Joseph Hartman - "Once upon a time, there was only one Cat, and one Man. Then, Man saw something that scared it. So it went crazy. It cut itself into pieces, and put each piece into a box, and buried each box behind a wall."

THE CONE - By HISHAM H. - "I can't see any floor or bottom. Maybe there isn't one. All I know that I am currently clinging to a cone of some sort."

Contentment - By John Bell - "It looked sort of like one of those transparent frogs, minus the legs. A clear set of intestines, lungs, and a heart."

Case File 0042 - By Prophet Storm - "Anyone who alters the Cube has one of two reactions."

The Creatures of the Woods - By Thomas F. Johnson - "The sessile "womb" created is something akin to a tunicate by the simplest possible standards."

Cue Card - By Streicher Hennessy - " What I first mistook to be a belt of squirming tendrils around the top of the thing started to resolve itself in the moonlight to be countless bodies and parts of bodies, all scrabbling among each other."

DEATH OF A HIVE - By Mr. Weasel - "My hive of common Arizonan fire ants was an obsession that began in grade school."

DEER GUY - By Jesus Lizard - "There was a thing that I thought lurked outside the window in the night..."

DIFFERENT - By Emily Pirka B. - "I saw a flash of color. Something moving that was not your flesh."

THE DIVERS - By Wes Dennis - (mature content!) "It spread its tendrils, giving us a clear picture of the puckered undersides of the outstretched fingers and the wide membrane that joined them."

DIVER'S LOGS - By John Meszaros - "Deep, bioluminescent blue pits lined with coral and colonial angler-fish—that’s where the starfish breed."

DOCTOR, PATIENT - By Jay Reavis - "He refuses to allow us to even open the curtains during the daytime. "

DO I GET A THIRD CHANCE - By Dandelion Steph - (short)

DOOMSDAY'S SURGEON - By C. Lonnquist - "They would clutch at him with tentacle hands and demand a return to normalcy."

DOLLS OF BITS - By Jessie - "Small. Of Bone and hair."

THE DARK - By Jack Allan - "You can flee them for a time. Floodlights. Fires. Lamps. Flashbulbs. But they get in."

THE DAY I MET THE TIME TRAVELER - By Johnny Vallone - "Watching his legs bend up and down. Like a giant bird's."

DEEP END - By Glumdrop - "I kept going down, into the blackness of the pool. There was the drain, shining like another moon at the bottom."

DEER HEAD - By Miranda Johansson - "It's not just that the cabin appeared out in the woods without any sort of reasonable explanation, either."

DELICACY - By William Walls - (short)

DENTIST'S BANE - By Hisham H. - "My teeth itch."

DER STARKEMANN - By Connor - "As I drove home, I saw the same hamburger chef on a poster that read "OPIENING BUSIDESS!""

THE DEVIL'S BACKLOG (outside link - tumblr blog!)

DICK JOURNAL - By Maxx Mann - "I can't lift it any more. I feel nauseous all the time."

DIGEST - By Joshua Murray - "The peeling is a terrible thing."

DISPOSABLE - By Tweinge - " A gaping hole opened where its mouth should have been, insects crawling out, and it uttered a hideous screech, pointing at me."

DISSECTION - By Linus Drumbler - "The phone itself, now fully exorcised, reboots all by itself."

DISTANCE YOURSELVES - By Kieran Haines - "I felt a lump. Not the harmless carcinogenic kind. It was that oh-so-publicised “talking lump.”

DISTORTIONS - By Gabriele Guandalini - " was like a shadow, its shape constantly changing with limbs that shifted between thick beastly claws and delicate insect legs."

DOCTOR DEMENTIST - By Bogleech - "At the center of it all was an enormous set of false teeth, suspended in a web of gleaming wires and rubber bands."

DR. PHAGE (short story) - By Bogleech - "I suppose you're wondering about my tie." It gestured to a hideously colored bow tie where it could have had something like a neck."

THE DOOR IN THE BASEMENT - By Partlysmith - "And then I saw something. It was little more than a silhouette emerging from the black depths of the hallway."

DOORS - By Jack Western - "I opened the blue door. Inside was a blue room filled with faceless bobbies."

DO YOU REMEMBER - By Dead Palette - (video entry)

DREAMING - By Buttt Buttt - " i cant blink. if i blink itll grin. if i try to roll over again, itll grin."

DROSSELMEYER - By Celia Night - (short)

DUAL FORCE - By Tweinge - "...they were holding hands, and their fingers were fused together in a web-shape."

DUNDEE CREEPER - By J. Ford - "Each little twig revealed themselves to be legs that “clickety-clacked” along the pavement."

Decoy - By Jacobguy - "did you know some animals make things to throw predators off?"

The Dead Floor - By Brian Parris - "The window across from his room was indeed open. And there was someone standing in it. "

The Demons - By James B. Davis - "The world wasn't always like this. We used to live on something called dirt"

Doubt Seems Violet - By Milos Blagojevic - (poem)

Dream - By Goat - "it had been a few months since he'd had any other dream."

Dry Socket - By Authr - "I’ve always picked at my teeth."

Deiceptor Transplantation and Artificial Deiceptor Implantation - By Monkeysky - "Adults should also have their celestial responsiveness checked with each visit to a physician or rabbi"

Desert Nights - By Jacobguy - "It was a measly thing. An emaciated human like thing with the skull of a jackal."

DEVSUP_CONSOLE - By Prophet Storm - "Delete human one," I whispered, and was greeted by a scream that was nothing short of hellish as the thing in front of me literally dissolved."

DEVSUP_RESPAWN - By Prophet Storm - "I know I didn't get to the bit about the Konami Code last time. I promise I'll get to it this time."

DEVSUP_PROTO - By Prophet Storm - "Its arms were gangly, its claws long and razor-sharp, and its whole body was speckled here and there with goatlike eyes."

D.I.Y. - By The Album Atrium - "Every small victory over the stairs reminded him it was still his house, no matter what it looked like or how much it changed."

Daymarish - By The Album Atrium - "The medicine Neist prescribed seemed to be about as cheap as the clinic he worked at. It came in little white bottles with what looked like small purple butterflies stamped on them. They read “Konamaral: Guaranteed to keep that pesky moth away!”"

Dear Abley - By Stickydot - "The little girl who lives next door eats the dirt out of our potted plants, even when we bring them inside, she climbs through a window and just goes to town."

Doughboy - By John Vallone - "Up ahead, the door to Doughboy?s was opening.  Somebody who looked, in the darkness and distance, like Mr. Mangioni, walked out."

Drainwords - By Rook Lankin - "we want words to appear so we reach down into the drain to fish for one"

Dreams of the Rotted Mind - By Neon Minerva - "Far away, in a desolate, horrid, rotten land where almost nobody lives anymore, there lies a small man, rotting on the ground, even his mind starting to rot. Don't you wonder what his dreams are like?"

EGGSHELLS - By Gronkling - (VIDEO)

ELECTION DAY - By Thom Wanton - "You know oppositional ideologies really depend upon dehumanizing their opponents..."

THE ELECTRO ELECT - By Valerie EPry - "For a moment, I glanced at his vast, empty eyes--the pale blue of a computer screen."

ENLIGHTENMENT - By Glumdrop - "He sees trees and rocks, landscapes flying by, a blue orb in the darkness. He flies past stars and planets. It's beautiful."

EVERYDAY ENCOUNTERS - By Nicolai - "It’s only going to get louder."

EVERYONE IS SERVED - By Revereche - "You may deduce that I am from many things a composite."

EXTRASOLAR - By Erickson Warne-Coles - "Above all else was a fiery comet orbiting a black space. An invisible planet, about the size of Earth."

EAGLE FORD SEWAGE POND INCIDENT - By Luke Jones - "Flocks of birds dying in midair over the water. Whole dogs, mummified, washing up on the shore. Things crawling out of peoples' ears at midnight."

ELEPHANTOCALYPSE - By Anonymous - "Elephants couldn’t climb stairs, now could they?"

ELEVEN AT DARYL'S - By Mr. Weasel - "It looks like someone was hunched over the man, body shuddering and the slurping gross noises coming from the shape."

ELISE - By Michael Balmer - "Today all your loved ones gathered at the cemetary to say goodbye."

THE ENDLESS NIGHT - By Alexis Feynman - "Click. Click. Click. Click. Click."

THE EYE ABOVE - By Partlysmith - "The Eye first appeared on February 22nd, last year. A massive, all too human blue eye, lids and all, floating above the city."

EXPANSION LOG - By Adam Bellamy - "The fleet has been prepared; they are sufficiently fuelled and now awaiting dispatch."

EYESORE - By Nick Noah - "I can’t tell exactly when I saw the flashing lights for the first time."

The Engineer - a Sumerian Tale - By Guilherme Beraldo - "The motions of the automaton, to him, they seem so flawed"

Eyes - By Nelke - "I found something in the backyard. I think it likes me."

The Eyes Have It - By Huw Saunders - "I feverishly open another beer, and look around the bodies."

Eggs - By Ethan Edelen - "I picked the egg up, and, upon discovering it had no peculiarities, I turned it over."

Ella - By Nelke - "How is your friend?" she asked. I did not know what she was talking about."

Emergency Response - By Thomas Wisdom - "Yeah, there's some kind of animal in my apartment? I don't know, some kind of monkey or something?"

Entanglement - By Ryusui - "The Department takes care of its own. The Department takes care of its own." I repeat the lie over and over in my head as I run amongst the mirrors."

Excerpt from the Journal of Bartholomew Scott - By Austin Brooks - (image)

FACES - By Sly Devil - "One that I really started to notice was the faces. You start to see faces everywhere."

THE FINAL STAGE - By Charred Newt - "She was at the window, as usual, sitting in her stuffed wheelchair. Her white, porcelain skin shimmered in the sunset's light."

FINDING YOU - By Anonymous - "Overall, the archives hold over 200 conversations between [REDACTED] and the anonymous caller."

FLASH - By J. Gluck - "She hasn't done much standing since the rot took her legs. Myself, I feel it in the tips of my fingers, some cold nights."

FLYBLOWN - By Lawrence Lewis - "When I was seven years old I got flyblown, that’s what my daddy called it. Have you ever heard such a vile word?"

THE FLY WHEEL - By Occultek - "The flywheel spun, silently, as it had for years."

FOOTPRINTS - By Infernalthing - "I saw black shoe footprints appear, one after the other at a slow pace."

FROSTED GLASS - By Gronkling - "...every day is Monday says the mouth in the well..."

FROSTY - By Ciara Boerner - "Coal black eyes glitter strangely at me from the shadows."

FUNNLAND FOREVERR - By Tbok1992 - "Lining the roads of the garish park, were human skeletons, slumped over in various states of disrepair."

THE FUTURE IS LITTERED WITH PRIZES - By Dandelion Steph - "Her precious bauble fell from her hands as she fought to free herself from the talons’ tenacious grip."

THE FIVE (short story) - By Bogleech - a short narrative by the last whole person on Earth.

FIVE SECONDS - By J. Ford - "Above the chimney I saw the antenna’s light, burning brighter than ever."

FUNGI - By Rahkshasarani - "The second rain, though, that was worse."

Falling Action - By Arale - "There is talk of a mysterious new organization taking the form of a school club."

Falling Apart - By Anne Do - "A cube of flesh pushed itself out of my shoulder and landed on my bed."

First Twelve Letters - By C. Lonnquist - "The second letter turned the reader’s skin to plastic, and when they found him sitting in his chair, it was starting to turn as well. "

Five Senses - By Rhys Yeatter - "DO YOU KNOW WHAT MACARONI FEELS LIKE?"

The Flesh Thing - By Melanie Lee - "Hanging like some pallid hell-bat was a mass of gangly bones and flesh"

Fourleaf - By Angela M Shaver - "The duck pickle followed me"

Frigid Bobby - By Jacobguy - "everyone was freaking out, no-one knew why it was so cold, but I did."

From the Desert We Came - By DNotA - "Mother and I are like you, and not like you. Mother and I are like each other, and not like each other."

Fairy Tale - By Jesus Lizard - "The children shook as they passed the sleeping dead by, for though they were shaped as human beings they were not the bones of people."

FEC Macabre - By Jon Strong - "Its another night working past closing at Bobcat Pizzeria,  a local pizza arcade themed after a long defunct high school's mascot, Blackie"

Fire Ants - By Peter Marchetti - "An international group of entomologists began to study the ants, and was quickly replaced by a group of biochemists, and then physicists, as the sheer impossibility of the ants' anatomy became clear."

The Fish - By Roach - "I could tell my sister was there; I was looking right at her. But I couldn’t focus on her. Was she laughing?"

Footprints - By Phosphenes - "Soon I emerged onto a place where the child's steps were joined by those of a toddler, one who had passed through long before even the child."

Fridge Problems - By Charred Newt - "The fridge has been thumping for a handful of minutes now. The kitchen door does nothing to stop the noise."

Frog Caught in my Throat - By James B. Davis - "It was at that moment when my stomach started to swell, my mouth stretched outward, and the pores on my legs began to widen."

Fry Cook - By Thomas Wisdom - "So I'm at work, right, and this dude walks in- but something's just wrong, you know?"

GARDEN - By Luke Myrick- "For someone who loves plants, she hates the animals."

GETTING CLOSER - By Ryan Oleynik- "We await His arrival, as we have before. He will come and deliver to us His gifts. We wait for Him. We wait for God."

GREASEPAINT - By Gavin Pitts - "I wanted to be a tapeworm, but the Fat Lady said she already had four of them."

GRAVEYARD - By Anonymous - "Earlier that day he’d fed his little brothers the story about the ghouls, the dead that wake at midnight on the full moon..."

GRUBS - By Anonymous - "As we stood over his body, holding each other and crying, it began to move again."

GARDEN OF PINK - By Johnny Vallone - "The flamingos stared down at him condescendingly, quietly mocking his efforts."

GHOST CALL - By Alexis Feynman - "I've been a customer with you for sixteen years, I always pay my bill on time, and I deserve better treatment than this."

GHOST ENCOUNTER - By Randi Nicole Carmicle - (said to be a true story!)

GHOST JAIL - By Connor Moore - "they put a spinning thing in the jail."

GIFTS - By Gage J. - (short)

THE GLASS DOOR - By Lasagnaface - "Her head stretched forward to an unpleasant degree, almost like that of a horse, and it was devoid of any skin, leaving only throbbing muscle."

THE GOOD DOCTOR - By Matthew Beyer - "He turned to face me with those dead glassy eyes and cocked his head to the side, as if he didn’t understand my question."

THE GODS ARE DISPLEASED - By Jazz Jackalope - (outside link - lyrics and accompanying music)

GOING GREEN - By Claude Turner - " I noticed that its face had no eyes, or mouth. As such, I do not know how it whispered my name as I passed."

GOLDEN TRIANGLE - By Brian Shadensack - "Did that bulge just move?"

GORDIAN - By Angela Shaver - "The kitten pounced at nothing in particular. It raced about in a zigzag. It rolled playfully along the banks edge. Plop."

GOURMET QUALITY - By Alexis Feynman - "While my dad was rapidly gaining weight, she seemed to be slowly losing it."

THE GPS VOICE - By Vortan - "Turn onto Mill park Drive, yuk yuk yuk!"

GREY AND SOFT - By Kiara Maher - (short)

GUPPY - By Angela Shaver - "For some of them, their eyes had popped out and were hanging; swinging in and out of their drooling gaping mouths."

gBÜn:30 - By Kiernan Lockhart - " Should his skin feel slimy? No, Frank thought. It should not."

Ghost Tide: Sleep - By John Vallone - "The other kind was the Wide O’Wakes. Nobody wanted to touch them."

Ghost Tide: Queen of Bones - By John Vallone - "Each reptilian eye socket was at least twenty feet wide, and each spike-like tooth was as long as Petra was tall."

Ghost Tide: Jonah - By John Vallone - "As I walked through the dark streets, their gelatinous bones glowed with a faint cream-colored light through their ethereal flesh."

Globster - By Hisham H. - "the entire creature was flabby and gelatinous looking"

Going Blue - By Claude Turner - "Yes! Absolutely! Human larva are adorable!"

Gone - By Alexis Feynman - "I combed through my memories more carefully this time, but I couldn't find him anywhere in them. It seemed like he was supposed to be someone I knew."

A Grave Reflection - By Evan MacNeil - "I went the full six feet. Nobody was finding this bastard."

Green Sea - By Athena - "When we got towards the last day of the cruise a huge, glowing green mass appeared in the distance."

Gut - By Jon Strong - "When I finally opened the deer up, it had next to no organs."

Gabriels - By John Vallone - "The first Gabriel will die after being hit by a truck."

The Game of Mush - By The Hungry Reader - "DO NOT consume non-players anywhere you may be observed by other non-players. (You may feel free to enjoy consumption in the company of other players. Sharing is caring!)"

GARBAGE GLUTTON - By Hisham H. - "It looked like the slime, thinned and branched out, had spread tiny threads throughout the rubbish and was now pulling it all together."

Gashes in My Mind - By Sandra Lockhart - "there he was, slapping nothing, with a big, black void where his other arm would be. And Mom had to be there too, right? She wouldn’t have missed that. But no, just black nothingness."

Gas Squad - By Huw Saunders - "Its skin is torn away in huge burst patches, and then they see the true nature of the thing. Plastic water bottles embedded in heaving grey viscera, rhythmically filling and emptying themselves of dark fluids. Shreds of paper and plastic falling from its wounds like dandruff. "

Gavage - By Hisham H. - "Every one of us is immobile. A fat bloated slug."

The Gelatin Courts - By John Vallone - '"Roll, scroll, prance a horse, we always dance in the gelatin courts!"'

Genesis - By Voodoo Vulture - "And the Lord said: Let there be light! And then the light was swallowed by the waters, leaving behind a great new darkness."

Glass and Velvet - By Everbound Venvel - "The door, however, was no longer birch. A single slab of rough bone bearing countless nodules and thorny protrusions had replaced the wood."

Globster - By Ron MacGillivray - "The thing was just sitting on the beach, resembling a pile of whale corpses grinded to a thick mush then left to bake in the sun for a few days."

God Thinks I'm Bad - By James B. Davis - "He told me so."

The Golden Ocean - By Mort Harris - "It appeared to be a humanoid figure, standing a couple of yards away. It was vaguely feminine, about five and a half feet tall, and seemingly made of the same stuff as the corn. Its hair was the buttery near-white of corn silk, its limbs were thin and golden like dead corn stalks, and its garments seemed to be made of dried corn husks."

Goo Girl - By Huw Saunders - "Bioconstruct!" squeaks a loudspeaker. "Stay where you are!"

Green Mojave - By John Vallone - "I looked out the window and the biggest damn rattlesnake I’d ever seen was bumping its head on the door."

HAIR - By Ranger Kasdorf - "I knew precisely where this voice came from. It came from hair."

THE HALL OF DOORS - By Brian Shadensack - "Beware Mickey and Minnie in the hall of doors."

HARMBURGER By Bogleech - "Stamped everywhere was the same stupid looking company icon; a smiling, cartoon hamburger in a tiny little chef's hat."

HAUNTED GAMES - By Pyro Gibberish - "Seriously, what the hell kind of reality-devouring abomination haunts game cartridges?"

HAUNTED HOUSE - By General Nitpick - "All the appliances, cabinets, and pretty much everything in there, had googly eyes added to them."

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ONE? - By Cody Jacobs - "They just sit there, out of sight, patiently waiting, stalking, until it's time and they have their turn."

HEADED SOUTH - By Bogleech - longer, sillier sequel to "The Five."

HEROIC FANTASIES - By Pyro Gibberish - "What I hate most about these tunnels, of course, is the worm."

THE HOLE - By Sly Devil - "Checked the bathroom. Hole was even bigger. Almost a foot across now."

HOUSE FOR SALE: BASEMENT NEEDS CLEANING - By Pyro Gibberish - "The floor is entirely obscured by a thick carpet of dust that reaches my ankles."

HUMBUG - By Rahkshasaran - "Boy howdy did he have stuff in jars."

THE HOWL - By Tatzlwyrm - "We burned and screamed and spent our lives burning and screaming."

HAIRWORM - By Brooke Van Kampen - "I’ve been prepared for the zombie apocalypse for a long time! NO REGRETS."

HALLOWEEN DEMONS - By Aranel Diamond- "I began having thoughts in a voice unfamiliar to my own, hard to make out in some places and crystal clear in others."

HANDSOME - By Ted Miller - "Dressed in resplendent shimmering green am I."

HEAVEN SENT - By PartlySmith - " I noticed small bits of its flesh stuck to the ceiling. Or rather, they were part of ceiling, now."

HOUSE OF CHEESE - By David Haire - "One day he came to a queer little door, that led to a stairwell deep in the floor."

HIS MAJESTY - By Peter Allen - "My arrival at the palace is heralded by a procession of scuttling, hunched figures, robed in tattered finery."

THE HUNGERING ROOT - By Kevin Stanley - "It appeared without warning, spearing itself forth from a rise in the landscape."

THE HUNGERING ROOT II - By Kevin Stanley - "They say I’m like… a… 'root?' What's a root?"

THE HUNGRY RUG - By Ryan Oleynik- "They said it wasn’t real, Just my imagination. A simple child’s fear, A mere fabrication."

The Hallow Journals Part I - By Pumpkinheadeddoll - "The body of the creatures is not easily described, the fur on the body is thick and dark to the point of absorbing nearly all light"

Haunted House - By Kiernan Lockhart - "Yeahhh, no. It’s just an empty house. I should know."

Haze - By Joseph Hartman - "Give me a ride," He repeated in a flat, distorted voice. "Give me a ride. Give me a ride."

The Hillbilly Horror - By Sam Miller - "In their place stand two fat, scaly creatures"

Hollowhead - By Thomas F. Johnson - "I hack up something like phlegm into the sink. My chest feels hot and sticky. I look down."

Honey, This is it - By J I L - "Surprise!" The voices are scratchy, but musical. A light clicks on in the apartment and I see three people in costumes with their first pair of hands in the air."

House of Sleep - By Rahkshasarani - "The House of Sleep was an unusual business."

Humming Walls - By Athena - "I heard it first when I was 11; a dull humming, fingers gliding on walls."

Hunting Snipe - By Keetah Spacecat - "One Summer, everything went wrong."

Helo Nice Man - By Hannah Cobb - "Every month or so he’ll find the kitchen like this, presumably from a bizarre episode of sleepwalking."

Her - By Jacobguy - "Thorns began slowly cutting their way out of her skin."

Hot Coffee - By LMTYL - "Every scene that Detective Bristol and Dr. Allen were called to, every new victim found perfect yet dead in the undisturbed scenes, added to the deep empty feeling that had been growing in Bristol’s stomach."

The Hooligans: Grimm Katt - By Jac R.B. (JacobGuy) - "He looked like a tailless Micky mouse that had swapped heads with a cat that didn't have a nose or whiskers and a big old smile of straight teeth. Whatever I thought, it was cute and funny enough."

The hooligans: hooligan land - By Jac R.B. (JacobGuy) - "I woke up somewhere that was not earth. I think to call it a planet at all would be wrong."

The hooligans: hungry mike - By Jac R.B. (JacobGuy) - "The sky wasn't always dark. I remember when I was a little kid, the sun would shine in the sky like a burning hot penny."

The hooligans: Neighbor - By Jac R.B. (JacobGuy) - "My neighbor has been seemingly sick lately."

The hooligans: pipewinder - By Jac R.B. (JacobGuy) - '"I JUST SWAM IN AND BOY IS MY FACE TIRED."'

The hooligans: snitcher - By Jac R.B. (JacobGuy) - "The window was open, and it sat there in the window seal. I could see its long thin arms keeping the window open as it crawled out, its black and white stripes and propeller illuminated by the moonlight."

The hooligans: Steve - By Jac R.B. (JacobGuy) - "Without exaggerating I could say he was the size of the hulk. His hands big enough to wrap all the way around a person, and then some. Other than some strange slot on his forehead, nothing else was remarkable about him."

The hooligans: wither mime - By Jac R.B. (JacobGuy) - "There was one mime who stood far off from everyone. It had its back to the crowd, so no one could see their face."

I DON'T WANT TO GO - By Eventua - "The jungle lurks there, red and spiked and twisting, the trees made of glass."

IGNITE - By Tweinge - "It approached you from the darkness; The thing you knew was there"

I LOVE MY PET - By Cameron Macfarlane - (short)

IMAGINARY PET - By Hisham H - "That elderly, most likely blind tapir, left quite an impression on me."

IMBUNCHE - By Raven - "There never really is a feeling so good as attending the birth of a family member."

IMITATION - By Matt K. - "I wish I had never found the body. Or rather, the part of it I found."

I MUST GO - By Prophet Storm - "The snail arrived. It was healthy. It was too healthy."

INCIDENT REPORT - By Jack Allan - (short)

INCONSEQUENTIA - By Alexis Feynman - "Have you ever seen one of those slideshows of mistakes in popular movies?"

INNOCENCE - By Brian Shadensack - "I look over to my friend, forgetting that it pulled my friends head off early this week, slowly."

IN PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS - By Lord of Rye - "After running his hand over it, he realized that the polished metal was nearly frictionless."

IN THE HOUSE OF THE LORD - By Lord of Rye - "Surrounding the sea were banks of bone-white reeds. They had some kind of reddish leech issuing from the top, and drinking perpetually from the sea."

INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS - By Chaz Gelf - "That moment when you're riding in a car and your mind wanders off to places it really shouldn't."

ITEM 450 - By Patch Anderson - "A psychic should be in the room to negotiate with 450-B-5."

IT'S A HAT - By Prophet Storm - "All we know is that for the time being, it's a hat. It's a hat and that way it can't harm anyone."

IT'S BEEN THREE DAYS - By Daniel Cowart-Goldberg - "I think those are colors, but it's been so long."

IT'S CURIOUS - By Chase Goebel - "It's curious. That's the worst part. It's curious and it gets bored."

I'VE LOST MY MARBLES - By Lee Sherman - "Her eyes, which looked like a pair o' wet shoelaces...well, they come alive."

I LOVE YOU - By Oak - "The last words we'd ever have from us. The last kind sentiment before darkness fell."

I, MONOTREME - By Valerie Epry - "The mass was clawing its way out of me a millimeter at a time."

INFLATABLE - By C. Lonnquist - "The problem with the drive home is that Santa."

INFESTATION: VIPER - By Olita Clark - "And it's not just people that come back but animals too."

INFESTATION: 17 HERBS AND SPICES - By Olita Clark - "Their various parts would still keep crawling towards you, spitting spores."

INFESTATION: RITZ - By Olita Clark - "Not that they ever truly go into hibernation outside of proper Dry areas..."

INFESTATION: SPAM - By Olita Clark - "It's all canned crap, but it'll get you through the month."

I WIN - By Anonymous - "The device in my hands is made of flesh but its skin is hard, smooth, shell-like."

IZZY'S GHOST STORY - By Lee Sherman - "They glowed, and I could partly see through them, but I could also see the textured flesh of a preserved dead animal."

Icarus - By Evan MacNeil - "Space was nothing new to me."

Inconsiderate Spirit - By Mngamojemo - "At first, everything seemed great. There was no more noise late at night, no more passive-agressive arguments, and only one person's worth of dishes to worry about. "

Incubus - By Sorbus - "I would occasionally wake up with saliva - or at least something the same color and consistency of saliva - on my cheek."

International Klein Blue - By Cassie Heath - "You're looking at a blue rectangle mounted on a wall and you're thinking "My kid could do that"

Intern Report - By Hisham H. - "Eyes and associated musculature completely removed, together with a large portion of facial bone bilaterally removed as well"

Is Aleanna There? - By Lee Sherman - "I'd been sleep-walking again."

Owen Scott Doctoral Thesis Abridged Interview Number 18 - By Brian Shadensack - "Well, it started off simple. Touch it, it rots."

Owen Scott Doctoral Thesis Abridged Interview Number 20 - By Brian Shadensack - "I’ve been unable to enter a house for about two years.."

Owen Scott Doctoral Thesis Abridged Interview Number 25 - By Brian Shadensack - "Are... are you bleeding whiskey..."

Owen Scott Doctoral Thesis Abridged Interview Number 37 - By Brian Shadensack - " Yea, sometimes my brain gets way too loud, you know?"

Owen Scott Doctoral Thesis Abridged Interview Number 42 - By Brian Shadensack - "An organ prints the flooding handicap after the copper."

Invisible Darkness - By Charles Williams - "There is something that surrounds us. Undetectable, lacking color, smell, or a defined idea of what it is. "

I Suck at Humans - By Charred Newt - "Give me a pencil and I’ll draw you almost everything else, I swear."

I Think My Watch is Broken - By Cassie Heath - "All the time/my/Excuse/my watch is/in my head/watch/wtchndIcntmkit stop."

I Dreamt of the Rain - By Prophet Storm - "The few people I found were hardly people. The rain had done its duty by them, and now they belonged to it."

Inner Plateau - By Nelke - "They came with the fog. Cecilia heard the sound of their steps every night, muffled as they came and went down the road."

Informal Report - By Aoakesme - "The beasts look like a jaw-less snake that happens to be preposterously wide, or most individuals happened to be."

In the Triceratops Car - By Thomas F. Johnson - "It was this state-fair lookin novelty thing, in the shape of a triceratops. It was green and faded by the sun, the fiberglass making up its bulk looking worn."


Internal - By Ron MacGillivray and Sadie Hunt - "it looked like the kid would find these dark hairs in his mouth every two minutes, and once spat out what resembled a small hairball"

The Inner Kicking - By Dandelion Steph - "He could feel the flatness of his own chest, the breeziness of his own hair, but the rest, too—his wife's bosoms, felt as if his own, his wife's hair, felt as if his own. The sensation paralyzed him, made him pause—then he felt...something else."

It's Me - By Jacobguy - "I thought you were supposed to be comfy when dead."

JELLY BEANS - By Angela Shaver - "Just floating in the void these doppelgangers with gray and blue flesh, wiggle, “walk” and babble."

JOURNAL - By Mysterious Maverick - "there's no way in hell that was a dog."


JORMUNGANDR - By Glumdrop - "Another spill, was the official story. Everyone was so used to them by now. Soon pictures leaked out of the rig drenched in red."

Jailer - By Hisham H. - "The librarian referred to it affectionately as "Old Bogey".

Just a Collection - By Brian Shadensack - "I hit my arm the other day and there was a rattle. Like when a screw goes loose in a machine."

Just my Job - By Jacobguy - "I'm what they call a technomancer. Basically a mage of technology."

KITTY - By Smilecat98 - "The meows get desperate and more in pain."

THE KLISK - By Jared Shingleton - "The klisk was born when a splicing of animal and plant genes had gone wrong."

K2 - By Rahkshasarani - "The other two climbers, clearly seeing the blizzard continue unabated, attempted to catch Mendez, who was stripping off his clothes and exclaiming how good the sun felt on his skin."

Keep Off the Lawn - By John Vallone - "The thing opened a single bulging eye with an audible wet noise. "Keep off the lawn," it said, with some invisible mouth."

The Kinderflasche - By Aoakesme - "The people's village, on the surface, is not necessarily the prettiest place in the world: They live in dry lands, with limestone omnipresent in their landscape. They all seek metal, their one purpose ordered by the ancient machine they follow. Their metal is who they are, the Metallschmied."

KREBS: A Comprehensive Guide - By Rachel - "So. You have discovered a KREB. KREBS are a natural part of life and should not be feared. Do not shout at KREB. Do not be loud. If KREB is there he has come for a reason."

LAUGHING - By (Unknown) - "It was waiting for a pattern."

THE LAST HOROSCOPE - By Thomas F. Johnson - "In a lonely alley, written on human flesh, inked in inhuman blood by an unknown author..."

LET'S THE ALPHABET! - By Thomas F. Johnson - "Countless Crawling Crabs Cover a Colossal Corroding Cadaver that Creeps, Catches, Crunches by the Coast."

LILIN - By Stuart - "Now her fingers push through skin, and she peels it away from the musculature beneath."

LIVING ECHO - By Lee Sherman - "I'm certain that the house I'm living in is at least partially haunted."

LOHJM - By Pookey - (microstory)

THE LONG TRAIN RIDE - By John Pesando - "As the months had gone by, I learned that the train followed certain patterns, and seemed to reward consistent behavior."

LANGLEY EXPEDITION - By Rahkshasaran - "Other cylinders were found and put to the test, producing what Mehmed heard only as incomprehensible noise."

LAST NIGHT THE AFGHAN HOUND CAME BACK - By Luke Cy - "He pretended not to see the eye poking out the back of her neck, so I played along."


LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF MR. DARIUS BELWETHER - By Immutatus - "The body that is found that resembles me will not be dead either. You may, however, go ahead and bury it. It won't matter. Not for a very long time."

LEARN A LANGUAGE OF: AND ABOUT BODY - By Gronkling - (images)

LEECH - By Cameron Macfarlane - "It's on me, in an instant, squirming."

LITTLE JOHNNY SENT A CARD - By Angela Shaver - " I dropped pennies into Patchy until she was so heavy I could barely pick her up."

LONG LIVE THE KING - By Glumdrop - "Time to meet the eyeball king, Greatest of the eyeball things!"

The Laundry Room - By Alexis Feynman - "It's just some flickering lights. They do that all the time, and that never stops anybody!"

The Leng Embrace - By Nelke - " the plot was minimal, a mere scaffolding for the illustrations, and the dialogues nonsensical"

Like Clockwork - By DNotA - "She was tall. Really tall. Ridiculously tall."

Little Brother - By Rhakshasarani - "Kevin's little brother looked...odd. More like a little old man than a baby. And he could already walk."

Lunatic - By Nelke - "It's funny how the folk tales of my childhood come back to me"

Land Meets Sea - By Lee Sherman - "One summer I fell in love with the sea. It didn't end well."

The Land of Doors - By James B. Davis - "He awoke on the white carpet floor in a pool of blood. Whether it was his blood, or the blood of the Mask Man, he was unsure. "

The Last Leviathan - By John Vallone - " A mountainous shape slogs upward and forward, like a giant striding up the continental shelf.  The oil washes off its pallid-grey pockmarked surface, streaming through the holes in the flesh and the gaps between the bones, cascading down in black waterfalls as the thing rises into the air."

Letters Outside the City - By Brendan Cleary - "I found out. I know what I am, what TOP GADGET is and yet I am left with even more questions. I now understand why you did not tell; yet, I now hate you even more."

Lick Granuloma - By J. Towne - "I came to dread the licking. I could never predict when it would start"

Life Cycle: Juvenile Stage - By Prophet Storm - "The driver was tired. So tired. But he couldn't get back in the car and rest his feet. His feet were stuck to the ground."

Life Cycle: Adult Stage - By Prophet Storm - "I noticed that her hand had a veritable death grip on the pump--but it didn't seem to be pumping gas."

Life Cycke: Infant Stage - By Prophet Storm - "The tire lay by the side of the road."

Little Snot - By Austin Brooks - "His face was pale and his eyes were puffy, but he looked as remarkably pleased with himself as a diseased little imp could."

Love for a Son - By John Vallone - "It felt like he was stroking the undersides of my eyeballs.  The rest of his fingers were clamped onto my face, gripping my cheeks, their soft nail-less tips pressing into my cheekbones."

Lure of Thunder - By Author Ultima - "Backing away slowly, they turned around without hesitation and started to run, but the wurm was quickly gaining on them."

THE MANY CANS - By Dandelion Steph - "There was another can of cat food."

MARK - By Sly Devil - "...the creature left prints of what appeared to be humanoid hands in the snow."

MARKET DAY - By Keith Johnstone - "Gourds are essential. Tubers are optional, but required. Go."

MATTHEW IS SUFFERING - By Peppermint Monster - "Matthew is suffering, the website said. Do you want to help him?"

THE MAZE - By Connor - "In this maze I've always lived in, there lies an expansive, dimly lit room with a bell on the ceiling."

MEAT - By Charming Devil - "...a drooping, fatty, pale face, on the end of an impossibly long neck..."

THE MERMAID - By Rhakshasarani - "Jemmy Smith may not have had enough brains to fry an egg, but he knew a mermaid when he saw one."

MESSAGE FROM YOUR MACHINE - By [your computer] - (ODT file)

MIND THE FUTURE - By Infernalthing - "Technology evolves fast."

MIRROR MIRROR - By Cameron Macfarlane - "My shadow hasn't moved an inch."

MOBIUS FILMS - By Alex Bradley - "Have you ever noticed how you can see in the dark much better than a camera?"

THE MODERN AGE - By Esther Roman - "The old man sat at the restaurant, and nobody looked at him twice."


MORAG'S QUEST - By Nathan Xenolyi - (External google drive link - html based platform game!)

MOTHER - By Sunjinjo - "There are more like me, small, pink, with nubby snouts and long tails."

MOTHER VINE - By Prophet Storm - "...they were covered in these obscene little red flowers--flowers that looked like...they looked like eyes."

MOTHER VINE II - By Prophet Storm - "I watched his eys fall out, suspended by the optic nerve, as flowers burst out of the sockets."

MOTHER VINE III - By Prophet Storm - "We are told there weren't always Mandrakes and Daughtersoil. Once it was just a single Mothervine, in a faraway land..."

MOTHER'S MUSINGS - By Prophet Storm - "We were content. We had no reason to kill. But then came the meat."

THE MOUNTAIN SONG - By Lasagnaface - "From all directions, even up in the tree tops, hordes of disfigured, speaker-mouthed men and women approached me."

MOVIES - By William Oaks - "And that was the main problem with the technology. Holograms were, by default, lethally dangerous."

MR. MAGIC'S SPECTACULAR HOME RE-ANIMATION KIT - By Prophet Storm - "Protruding from the wounds were active, seething machines, gears and pumps working feverishly."

MR. ROBOT - By Joseph Hartman - "You're talking to a robot! Give him a warm greeting!"

MY MEAT - By Justin David - "Another day of making my meat tremble and ache and scream. But I cannot stop now, not when I am so close."

MY NEW HOME - By Sophie Lydia Shepherd - "I learned pretty quickly, though, that most of my house is built on rotten supports."

MY PROBLEM - By Miranda Johansson - "He looks a lot like me, except kind of shrivelled, as if he were hollow and collapsing in on himself."

THE MARROW STORM - By Alun Clewe - (offsite comic link!)

MANHATTEN - By Witness the Absurd - " hell did this thing ever come from Manhattan, it looked like scrap."

MATERIALIZATION - By Dandelion Steph - "These “Chip-People” seemed like chatbots, with one difference: they were much more intelligent and humanlike."

MAY CONTAIN - By Kiara Maher - "It's always at the bottom of the box, or the carton, or the goddamned tupperware container that I find them."

MEMENTO MINFELD - By Shouty - "In the murky waters of an unknown ocean lie a species of drifters."

MILK RUN - By Glumdrop - "Then there was a noise in the dark that a dog couldn't make."

THE MIRROR ON THE DOOR - By Infernalthing - "When I looked at my reflection I felt like someone's watching me. Even when I was alone I had the same feeling."

MORS VOLUNTARIA - By Spitblaze - "Maybe we should’ve gone on to human trials with the medicine."

MR. SMOTHER - By Wyatt Hill - "No, Mr. Smother! What are you doing?"

MUSINGS FROM THE BUNKER - By Ben Jeffrey - "The exact date is not known when the Ice cream men started to wear the hoods."

MY FAULT - By Nick Noah - "The victims were all found fully clothed, but their bodies covered with perfectly spherical, tennis-ball-sized burn marks."

MY HAPPY PLACE - By Wyatt Hill - "The round thing lives in a tall house on a cliff. It is upside down, but then again, so is he."

MY TEETH - By ChiknHart - "I keep digging them out with the pliers. Ripping them out one by one."

Macrophagia - By Jacobguy - "At first it looked like a low cloud, but it wasn't a cloud, it was a huge collection of dandelion seeds."

Magic Number - By Hisham H. - "What he found surprised him. Strange, bizarre deaths going back two centuries. "

Malocclusion - By Izzy Winchester - "Went to get the block fitted, but the doc says it’s not my jaw. Says my incisors need more space."

Masks - By Keefer Lowe - "I saw the first one on my way to work one cool November morning."

Messorem - By Millien - "You are in a plain room; there is a pile of rags in the corner, and a table with a sheet of paper and a knife on it."

Misbegotten - By Daniel Saults - (PDF download) a complete, playable body horror RPG!

Morning Person - By Charred Newt - "The skin around the freshly-made hole crumbles, curls up like burnt paper."

Mother of Them All - By TimtheFireLord - "the dream became lucid as soon as I saw the frog being jump out of behind the pillar"

The Moth of Ice - By Nicolai Ostergaard - "One summer noon, something caught my eye. Like a crystalline leaf this tiny creature floated on the air."

Mr. Stitch - By Thomas Turnasella - "There was one person though, that was a bit more than “curious”, a bit more than “strange,” and everyone in town knew him only as Mr. Stitch."

My Aunt's New House - By Stickydot - "The skin had been mostly removed, but I could still see the ears attached, and it wasn't a rabbit."

My Toilet Bit Me - By Samuel Miller - "It asks for meatier and meatier foods each time."

The Man in My Eye - By Dustin & Adam Koski - "I’d gone two months of what had been the left side of my vision just not being there and was getting used to it. But slowly I became aware there was a small, faint white patch in otherwise pure blackness."

The Mansion - By mememaedas - "I can't say that my experience was spooky or terrifying, it was gross and confusing really."

Maternity Ward - By Jacobguy - "Frozen in shock, the giant yellow, maggot-like creature in my arms simply swayed from side to size before settling down"

Merge - By H. Wormwood and T. Brewster - "You know how in primary school there's always those two girls who are completely joined-at-the-hip inseparable?"

Mesa Blanco - By Rahkshasarani - "Visitors to the park that contains Mesa Blanco often stumble upon kachina dolls by the dozen, often embedded in clay deposits or seemingly growing out of the stone."

Mimesis - By Thomas F. Johnson - "At first I'm all, big deal, I see, lots o plastic bags in this part o' town. Then it starts following me."

MONSTERBATER - By Ben Aron - (NSFW) "I am Necrofucker," said the creature. "I will be your guide to the best porn in up to 46 different dimensions!"

Morbid Curiosity - By Neon Minerva - "He nearly slipped on an eyeball, squishing it with his bare foot."

Mr. Strole and his unbelievably shocking encounter with the being that will be known in this story as the Clung - By Brendan Cleary - "As he plodded down the faded crosswalk, he tried to remember if the divorce led to the clung or if the clung led to the div-"

Mr. Click - By Naps - "he turned into three centipedes and scuttled away"

NAKED - By Alexis Feynman - "I've never been comfortable seeing other people naked."

NECROMANCER - By Sly Devil - "I don't know what it was that made me able to see behind the masks. Just everything bega peeling."

NEOLITHIC PALACE - By Richard Fisher - (PDF article)

NEPENTHES INSANIA - By Hisham H. - "Some of the later pots were ridiculous in size; that last one I saw him carry in was practically the size of a trash can."

NEW NEIGHBORS - By Sly Devil - "It froze when it...well, I can't really say that it 'saw' me."

THE NEW SANTA - By Immutatus - "Santa was ugly and disgusting, but at least he looked human. The elves didn't."

THE NINTH SEQUENCE - By Joseph Hartman - "A man on a horse rode triumphantly into the sunset. Appeased, the sunset digested him and vanished."

NOSEBLEED - By Johnny Vallone - "A dark red circle appeared on the page of the book John was reading."

THE NOTHING PERSON: DAY 567 - By Frozen Killer - "Its face, if you can really call it that, looked like a skull with skin overlapping it."

NOT REAL - By David Haire - "I awoke one morning to the sound of hysterical crying emanating from downstairs. Or laughter."

NOT MY CHILDREN - By Nick Mandrak - "They have these dark spots that are just so cute, but they are not eyes."

NOW IN THEATERS NEAREST YOU - By Glumdrop - "The creature takes the mustard and writes "BRANCH MANGLER" down its slimy body."

NAUSEA MAZE - By Infernalthing - "When he got up he saw the thing that made him trip. It was a human spine that had a pair of legs on each vertebra."

NANA - By PartlySmith - "Nana’s hard, wooden fingers wrap around me as she lifts me up."

NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT - By Anonymous - "You know it is there, but it can never, never ever know that you know."

NOTHING - By Erickson C.M. Sturdy - (microstory)

NOTHING MORE - By Shaden - (microstory)

THE NOTHING PERSON - By Brian J. - "Gruesome, terrible, blades grew from the limb, and started scraping the wall trying to find me."

NOT YOURS - By (unknown) - "And you scooped the ideas out with a pencil , and put them on paper."

Natozine - By Jared Ludy - "Apparently, it’s supposed to freak out your senses and give you some sort of "unforgettable" high"

Needles - By Max Peabody - "A team of naturalists and botanists is sent to the Amazon rainforest with the goal of determining how far the change has spread."

Nepenthes Monstrosa - By Hisham H. - "I shook my head. There was no animal, no phenomenom I could think of that can skeletonize a cow in one night."

New Tongue - By Sorbus - " At first, when I went to the dentist, she didn't see it."

Night Terror - By Pumpkinheadeddoll - "I still remember some of the dreams from when I was little, all slightly different but they always have a single connecting point; they all end with me being choked."

Not a Turkey - By Hisham H. - "Dammit Emmett, calm down and tell me in proper English!"

New Jamestown - By Joseph Hartman - "Turns out the afterlife isn't much different from life. It got to the point where I assumed that I had survived my brush with death, and had just been kidnapped and carted off to this psuedo-utopia."

Nightcrawler - By Nick Noah - "It was a little closer now, but still I could make out no more details than before. The person still held their arms in the air in that weird manner, swaying gently."

The Night of Core - By LAT - "After going through the regular 26.66 percent pitch and tempo increase, I felt that the track just wasn't unique enough for today's world. I repeated the process, increasing the pitch and tempo once again. Double nightcore has been done before, I say to myself. I repeat. Still not enough."

Night Sky - By Michael Behnke - "Alan liked looking at the stars. It always helped him feel less alone."

Noteworthy Nestor - By Hisham H. - "A plaintive, desperate shriek. A woman in pain, possibly with an injured jaw; it sounded like she had trouble saying the words."

Not So Handy - By Sam Swigart - "The doctors told me to write a detailed account of what happened before the...incident."

OLD - By Erickson Warne-Coles - "Regina slowly made her way over to the bag of cat food."

ONE UGLY CHAIR - By Nick Noah - "So a few months ago my friend picked up this really ugly office chair..."

OBSESSED WITH MONSTERS - By Reese Yeeter - "I love monsters. Nightmares. Fates worse than death."

ODDITIES COLLECTION - By Scarvexx - "Dermites” he read on the placard. “Does he mean termites?"

OFF MY CHEST - By Dandelion Steph - "I got leeches on my chest, I dont know why or how."

OH BROTHER - By Erickson Warne-Coles - "One bony arm was uncovered and hooked up to an IV. Martin screamed."

OMEHTRLENV - By Prophet Storm - "I'm not sure if they know I'm here. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I'm here."

ON REFLECTION - By William Walls - "My jawline looked a little further to the left. Mirror didn't seem wonky."

ON THE LAKE - By Kiara Maher - "the cormorants are different this year."

ORGANE - By Tweinge - "The vat was full of something vile."

THE OWL MAN - By Johnny Vallone - "I remember with perfect clarity the first time I ever heard about the Owl Man."

Odontophobia - By Keetah Spacecat - "On Monday morning, my tooth started itching." (several short stories!)

Old Pot - By Zoe Keidong - "You have received an old pot in on form or another."

Out of Memory - By Sorbus - "On April 3rd, we started to receive reports of what at first we could only describe as local time anomalies."

Out There - By Jesus Lizard - "What started as a routine procedure has exploded into a bizarre discovery that we are struggling to explain."

Over Sharing - By Ben Jeffrey - "My neighbour was sleeping in a tent out the back of his house last night"

Observations on a Foggy Night - By Mort Harris - (images!)

One of Those Screamer Videos - By Sue Donym - "I always thought that was the funny part. They don’t work on me anyway; I’ve seen dozens and they’ve become totally predictable."

On Purpose - By Joseph Hartman - "I am crafting my masterpiece."

Otherkin: Acceptance - By Prophet Storm - "Us regular, plain, red-blooded Americans are becoming the minority"

Otherkin: Induction - By Prophet Storm - "Subject 12 is of an apparently humanoid race. It is apparently male, possessed of bright red skin, black, curled horns, colorless eyes, and a long, primate-like tail."

Otherkin: Alternative Lifestyle - By Prophet Storm - "I straighten the charm paper on my neck. It's just a little Japanese charm to anyone else, but to the Oni, it's an important part of the courtship process."

THE PAPERCRAFT DRAGON - By VeePickle - "This new head shape was so far removed from the others..."

PIANO - By Dreadnawt - "As crazy as it might seem, I often felt that I was disappointing a piano most of all by playing it so poorly."

PINK - By Dandelion Steph - "Jennifer Mordley loved pink."

P IS FOR PHOBIA - By Lee Sherman (mature content) - "I heard it gurgling and splashing and roaring and hissing and groaning. I saw it slither and twitch and glisten in the dim light."

PORCELAIN GOD - By Olita Clark - "You are here because of the thing in your gut."

PREDATORS - By Lee - "Behind him, a pair of large pale eyes are staring in from the window."

PANDORA - By Prophet Storm - "Creatures are quadrupeds, their hind legs longer than their forelegs, implying a former bipedal nature."

THE PARTY PLANNER - By Immutaus - "Don't you worry about that. We'll make sure all your guests show up. Whether they want to or not."

THE PEN - By Sharadin Richter - "You have one week to snap the pen in half."

PERSISTENCE OF VISION - By TheGunHeart and Ryusui- "God help me, I love crappy cartoons."

PERSONAL - By Dead Palette - (video)

PLAGUE DOCTOR - By Etan Nichols - "We try to kill them with medicine, but when we can't, we have to resort to other means."

THE PLANTATION - By Johnny Vallone - "Run all you like!" screeched the horrible grinding voice. "Run all you like! You will return! One day you will return!"

PLUCK - By Kiara Maher - "One by one she pulls them out, using a motion she has practiced, and practiced, and practiced."

PLUMBING - By Kevin Stanley - "A few nights ago, my toilet started making an odd noise."

POISON BREATHER - By Axle the Beast - "After a short while I can feel it boiling inside me, the pain I crave, the agony that makes me feel whole."

PREDATORY FACE - By Anonymous - "You know these awkward moments when you just look at a scene and your brain suddenly starts conjuring the most hair-raising thing that could happen next?"

PRETTY SKIES - By Chris Cox - "The stars blinked."

PROBLEM CHILD - By Izzy Winchester - "The Problems Man has always been nice to me. Even before the Best Thing."

Passive Ability - By Anonymous- "Now the opposing team has only one monster left. This is the final round, folks."

Past Tense - By Rhakshasarani - "I used to have a stalker."

Peanut Gallery - By Stickydot - "WORLD'S LARGEST PEANUT 2 MILES AHEAD!"

Pet Tumor - By Jon Strong - "There’s something in my house. It talks to me."

Photobomber - By Elliot Avery - "In each and every photo, there was a man I didn't recognize."

Planter Park - By Rhakshasarani - "Who builds an amusement park on a swamp?"

Poems to Vocalize Through Your Orifices - By Nick Norden - "Hither, yon, yon, hither, yon, hither."

Porcelain - By Samuel Miller - " I just now notice how strange it is that there are bite marks on plates and silverware."

Pressed - By Peppermint Monster - "If you are still alive after ninety days, I will let you go home."

Public - By Austin Brooks - "A sound like someone had dropped a bowling ball on a piggy bank, followed by water surging from shattered pipes. "

Put the Thing in the Thing - By Olita Clark - "The metallic voice drags you back into consciousness with sharp pitched claws"

Paula - By Emma G. - "Subject’s state of undeath does not seem to cause her any mental distress or anxiety, though she claims to possess no knowledge of how or why she exists"

Pale Blue - By Athena - "I saw it first in my window. I know it must've had a shape, but to my eyes it was indescribable;"

Pediophobia - By J.D. Stroud - "It started wrapping its raggedy, filthy ears around my legs"

The Person, The Thing, and The Flat Place - By Brendan Cleary - "A person is in a flat place. They are holding the thing that is not a place. They are standing outside of the house place, looking at the sky place."

Pets - By Tan Yi Tong - "I couldn't find Mama Bird today, but I heard her hooves clopping around in her silver kettle. I don't know where the rest of her is."

Picasso - By Sam Miller - "They said it was some newly found painting by Picasso. That thing on it. Knobbly. So brightly neon-hued that it stabs the eyes just to look at it."

Pipe Scum - By Jon Strong - "She said there was a gelatinous mass in some u-pipe or whatever, bright red. She said I shouldn't eat jello in the shower"

Plagiarism - By Sue Donym - "let’s say, theoretically, there is a supercomputer with a human genome-generating algorithm hidden deep within the Earth’s crust"

Power - By C. Lonnquist - '"You saw them, didn't you? Up there when Cassie died? They were watching, you know."'

Pressure - By Ryan Oleynik - "There is something rebellious about a campfire in the backwoods darkness."

The Purple Ooze - By Lee Sherman - "There's no running water here. You'll have to do without"

Qallupilluit - By Nicholas Dennison - "Like all the other children in our camp by the sea, my brother and I had grown up on stories of the Qallupilluit."

QUANTUM REALITY - By Infernalthing - "You know what quantum reality is?"

RADULA - By S. Palevsky - (to the tune of Dragula)

RED - By Nicky Norden - "Oh how I loathed the Pinks."

RED HEAD HANDY MAN - By Johnny Vallone - "You begin to realize that the air is not hot enough for heat distortion to happen."

REMEMBER - By Hare Trinity - "I was just thinking... Do you remember a show on TV, when we were little?"

RICE - By Miranda Johansson - "The task of cleaning out my brother's apartment falls on me."

RIPPED FROM USENET - By Lee Sherman - "...this wasn't a human sound. It wasn't even much like an animal sound. It was like a klaxon from beyond."

RINSE - By Zoe Kiedong - "You can see it, right? The lump of slick, tumorous bad thought, darkened?"

THE ROOF - By C. Lonnquist - "There is more above us."

ROOM - By Stephen Keane - "You awoke to find that your bedroom door was gone."

THE ROOT HEADED ONE - By Hisham H. - "All that remains from his assailant is a needle with a loose, glassy, empty capsule."

RUMORS ON A CITY STREET CORNER - By Tbok - "Hey didja hear? Ya know the free clinics they have around here? Yeah, the ones with that funky bird for a logo."

RUSTY - By Dead Palette - (video)

THE ROOM - By Stuart - "There was one room we were especially fond of hiding in, my sister and I."

RULES OF THE ORCHARD - By Lee Sherman (mature content) - "The orchard had all kinds of fruit. Anything that grew around those parts, plus something she'd never seen before."

Reunion - By Baxter Barclay - "How are you doing buddy?" croaks the figure before me that is supposedly Barry."

Red Gold - By The Cuttlefishking - (poem)

Red World - By Ciara Borner - (poem)

Revealer - By Everbound Venvel - "A Revealer looks something like a fleshy gray-brown coconut with a thing like a skinny little deep-sea fish fry tail for a body."

The Ride Never Ends - By Thomas F. Johnson - "Her bike was made of flat, monocolored polygons put together, like one of those really old 3d-games."

Rings - By Tom Serveaux - "Did squirrels have limbs that long and gangly, or ears that pointy?"

Rise, Peter - By Izzy Winchester - "I didn't have to ask anyone about the pillar, or tell. It had already cycled through so many others, like a dance"

All Roads Lead to Rome - By Thomas F. Johnson - "Probably has something to do with those sacks they're carryin', wriggling around."

Rules and Instruction - By Hisham H. - "Make sure that at least two people take Maurice the manatee out of his pool each night and take him to the storage area."

Run - By Jacob Boles - (short)

Red is my Color - By Peter Allan - (comic!)

Repulsion - By Violet K. - "The levitation was, at least, fun for a little bit."

Resource Guarding - By Jon Strong - "This is not a confession. Only people who did something wrong or bad confess."

THE RE-SPOOPENNING - By AlabastarLucario_Son_Of_CTHULHU_GlobalWarmingIsALie - (The contents of this story are too horrifying to replicate here. You have been warned.)

Return to Pandora - By ProphetStorm - '"Didn't you pay attention to the briefing, Charlie? These little green men are former US Astronauts, and they were equipped just like we are."'

ROAD KILL - By SJ Nurse - "As we drove, more and more roadkill started to appear, first individually, then in groups, then in huge steaming swaths that filled the ditches and spilled onto the asphalt."

Roommate - By Willow Carberry - "I could hear him moving around at night, banging around and clinking plates and glasses while I was trying to sleep."

The Roommate - By Rahkshasarani - "Look, I'll just come right out and say it: none of us are really in the right. I mean, there were six of us in the same apartment. Most of us weren't even on the lease."

The Rose Eater - By Tom - (poem!)

Rusty Rooms and Clown Suits - By James B. Davis - " A bright and colorful clown suit hung on the wall."

SCENT OF THE NIGHT - By Shard - (short)

THE SEQUENCE - By Witness the Absurd - "The Beast is pulled from the Dead Sea. It's body is a salted wreck."

SHRIKE - By Stuart - "...a fat little bird hops between branches, chirping. In moments it is joined by another, and another."

SKILEVAKS - By Nathan Ilar Xenolyi - (PDF DOWNLOAD) - a novel-length entry starring one of's sort-of-home-brewed freaks!

SNAILS - By Anonymous - "No person in this world has ever despised them as much as I do."

THE SNAIL'S SHELL - By Joseph JG - "As I gazed into that miniature abyss, something slowly began to come into view."

SNOW - By Anonymous - "Nothing but a pile of snow, except for two black disks representing eyes."

SUCH AS GHOST - By Lee Sherman - "To her horror, half of her hand came back covered in a red, semi-congealed blood."

SUPERNATURAL RADIO - By Lee Sherman - "Do you believe that a conscious intelligence controls the outcome of events which, as far as can be seen, are entirely random?"

SANGUINE - By Jack Allan - "A young woman, head freshly shaved, awake in the dead of the night."

SANTA - By Alexis Feynman - "Make sure that you're in bed when Santa comes, or you won't get any presents."

SCAR STORIES - By Prophet Storm - "Between serrated teeth, its mouthed tongue shot out..."

SCHOOL YEARS - By Charred Newt - "Everybody lined up on the walls, as the Sevenths slowly advanced under the younger students’ nervous stare."

SCRAP OF PAPER EXUDING SURPRISING AMOUNTS OF NEGATIVE ENERGY - By Ben Jeffrey - "Gaudy plastic flowers, tied to a lamp post."

SHADOW TAG - By Jacob Boles - "I was playing my new pokemon game on the bus, when I found a wobbuffet in a cave."

SHELLEY AND ME - By J. Jae "JJ" Jay - " It contorted its body, trying to get at the gristle that still clung to its fur, even biting into its own flesh."

SHINING EYES - By Lord of Rye - "The dying sky is the wrong color - it is too shallow, too vaporous."

SIGNAL RECEIVE - By Johnny Vallone - "At first, no one could believe it. We thought that it was a joke, somehow, or a mistake. How could we be the most advanced beings out there?"

SILENT SCREAMS - By Jesse - "Whispers turn to talking, talking turns to yelling, yelling turns to screaming."

THE SILENT BARD - By Pyro Gibberish - "The Silent Bard rode into town atop a dying steed."

THE SIX DAY CATERPILLAR - By Rhakshasarani - "Participants are encouraged to drink the entire beverage first, then roll the larvae up in the lichen and swallow the whole parcel without chewing."

SLIDING - By cz37ltn+hi0rs4 - "How long has it been? I've already lost all sense of time."

SLUG ON A CHEESE GRATER - By Lynn Graznak, Surreal Macabre Art - (PDF file, text and sculpture work!)

THE SMOKER - By Miranda Johansson - "I first became aware that something was wrong when my husband's plants began to wilt."

SOCK STEALER - By Infernalthing - "he had a smiling pumpkin head with big round eyes. The eyes and mouth were pitch black."

SOMETHING BOLTED THIS WAY COMES - By Andrew Howard - "The buildings were held together with bolts, rivets, welds, clamps, and... Duct tape? No, really. Duct tape."

SOUNDS OF NATURE - By Dandelion Steph - (wav file)

STEPHEN - By Rhakshasarani - "Stephen was an artist… at least that was what it said on his business cards."

STONE AND BONE - By Erickson Warne-Coles - "The head isn't what any of us expected."

STORM OF '98 - By Tatzlwyrm - "I looked up and saw seagulls wheeling overhead, chattering to one another and calling dibs on the pieces of trash floating by."

STRINGS - By Mandatory Upgrades - "I swear, this wasn't wind or anything, they just shot around his arms and legs and neck like whips and held him there."

SUPERPREDATOR - By Johnny Vallone - "One theory is that Neanderthals were just outcompeted by Homo sapiens..."

Scalphas - By TheGunheart - "Two years. Two years since that damn wyrm froze the Earth's heart."

Section 4: The Events - By HareTrinity - "The events take place in this child's bedroom."

Selfie.jpg - By Emma G. - "Another online friend told me someone had put my picture up somewhere else, got it from her facebook."

Sentinels - By Ryan Oleynik - "Entire books and movies were used to answer the question: What would happen when we meet aliens?"

Silence - By Jacobguy - "I dread silent nights. Ever since I was 11 years old I've hated the nights that are devoid of sound."

Sleep Study - By L.A. Johannsen - "The feeling of being watched lingered like an ache."

Sleeping Bag - By C. Lonnquist - "Once, when I was six, there were five of them, and I could see them through the mesh window on my tent."

Some Kind of Video Game - By Dandelion Steph - "There's a man standing by a streetlight. Another player, an NPC, I don't care."

Soul Cramp - By Jon Strong - "Ever since she was a child, she always had stomach cramps."

Specimen Journal - By Hisham H. - "Today I collected something quite strange; a caterpillar that I can't identify in any of the books."

Speed - By Jacobguy - "You really need to go fast."

THE SPOOPIEST NIGHTMARE - By ChaosLucarioMasterofDragonDolphins - ???!

Squirm Face - By James B. Davis - "My eyesight throbbed and blinked in red and yellow."

Squirming Underground - By James B. Davis - "The cave reeked of bile, gore, and the vinegar scented syrup on the floor.

Sun God - By John Vallone - "My attendants flock around me, whispering in tongues - strange tongues, or perhaps familiar."

A Synopsis of David Cronenberg's Neuromancer - By Erika Bachman - "David Cronenberg’s Neuromancer has always been a fascinating cinematic anomaly, although most students will remember it only for the infamous lawsuit that Cronenberg became embroiled in and eventually devastated by."

Sacrifice - By anonymous - "-„She’s GONE, isn’t she?! ALL gone, and she left the door open! Ooooh, she left the door open, what a lucky day!"

Safety Railing - By Maxwell j - "I diverged from the path of my bubble by about six inches in June of last year."

Sal - By Jared Ludy - "There’s something very strange about my neighbor, Sal."

Salt - By Eve Q - "The crew all said it was just seasickness. Told you to quit worrying over a little nausea, you’ll get used to it soon enough. You didn’t."

Same As It Ever Was - By Stickydot - "My wife is five-foot-three, with black hair in a bob cut, and beautiful green eyes. What is sitting at the other side of the table, is a mop."

San Lorenzo - By Rahkshasarani - "Adult and child alike would ingest hallucinogenic compounds on assigned nights. Sometimes residents would go missing and have to be rescued from death by dehydration in the desert."

Selected Pages From the Rich and Human - By Zoe Keidong - "He screams at the mirror sometimes when I walk past his room, almost like how he screams at me. He apologizes right after to it, like he’s scared of what he did. Is that what narcissism is?"

Set - By Jac R.B. (JacobGuy) - "The creature placed its slimy, webbed hands on the boy's arm, which he now noticed was visibly broken."

Shadow Play - By Robbie Lyons - "Some smiled crazily, laughing without laughter. Others crouched and shook in the corners, huddled by the nightlights. The ones in front of the beer signs seemed to sway drunkenly and occasionally kicked at the skittering, quadrupedal shadows that swarmed over every inch of dirty beige carpet."

Silent Hollow - By ProphetStorm - "The greengrocer is forgettable, and his way of joking slightly as he hands you your groceries fails to be eerie."

Silhouettes of Monsters and Men - By anonymous - "I used to love the future. I still do, at least parts of it."

Sinkhole - By Athena - "As long as I can remember there's been a sinkhole outside my house. It's gradually grown throughout the years, slowly taking over our entire yard."

Sky Gardens - By Izzy Winchester - '"Gimme a quarter for the secret, and you'll get the balloon free.  How's that sound?"'

sleepless night - By gobtraz - "It was nothing newsworthy that those damn things would be violent, and it was nothing newsworthy that they would be put down like the dogs they were."

Sleep Tight - By Sue Donym - "I hate to tell you this, but the breathing is real, it is not coming from you or your spouse or any other familiar housemate, and it is not coming from outside."

Snowman - By ProphetStorm - "It was upward of ninety degrees out, and the snow was ankle-deep."

The Snow Never Melts - By Austin Brooks - "The oldest tell legends of a far off world were the snow ebbs and flows and even vanishes altogether for a time, were light and dark shift in even cadence."

Soft Reset - By Ozeanin - "I've been up all night trying to get this stupid Shiny."

Something in my throat - By carpcave - "Is this something a human should cough up?"

Soul - By AJTheMighty - "A slow grumbling sound filled the room, and in came an.....abomination."

sp00py stories - By Caleb Nusbaum - (large image file!)

Splatter Freak - By Gwendolynn Anathema MacGlower - 'The footsteps had stopped outside his door. The door creaked open when his father pushed it. "Get up, Cam," he said, "We're going for a walk."'

The Staring Man - By Ron MacGillivray - "Eventually, an inkling of curiosity made her peek back through the window at the man. He was now leaning against a lamppost, a twisted smile on his face that didn't match his cold, unblinking eyes."

Story of a Lifetime - By Aoakesme - "They told me I had to write the story of a life time, the story of centuries or of aeons. I tried my absolute best to find the story, I thought it had to be something real!"

The Surgeon - By Infernalthing - "There are rumors of a mysterious entity known only as the Surgeon. Nobody was able to fully describe his appearance, but it's only known that he is tall and wears heavy coating. His face is never seen, most certainly being covered in wraps or something, and the eyes are maybe hidden under round goggles."

Sweet, Sweet Discount Candy - By Stickydot - "I picked up a bag of what was supposed to be gummy bats, when I saw the bag start to quiver, almost as if it was cold, too. I held it close to my face to make sure nothing was wrong, only to make eye contact with a large, bright green rat."

THE TAXIDERMIST - By David Haire - (poem)

TEA WITH A STRANGER - By Flee - "I was never much for conversations, especially with skinny bird mole flesh trees."

TEN MINUTES LATE FOR CLASS - By Fernando - "A man started giggling. It was a nervous, high pitched giggle."

TERRAZZO - By Immutatus - "I don't remember when I first noticed the changes."

THAT'S THE DEAL - By Golem Gears - "The door to my bedroom opened, revealing a man in a buisiness suit and with a briefcase."

THINGS - By David Haire - (short poem!)

TODAY WILL BE A FUN DAY - By Kieran Haines - "No, these instances of faeces were spewed."

THE TORCHWOOD TEXT - By Prophet Storm - "The blasphemous vapor hung above the bookshelves impudently."

THEY - By Beatric Urvogel - "One morning every car in town was missing. Or rather, they were all taken apart..."

THEY CALLED HER THE WILD ONE - By Qubeley - "On the final night, I killed a goat, and laid it out for her, like an offering for a goddess."

THINJAMAN - By Connor - "I like my Fatoman and because how he am blue."

TO HAVE OR TO KEEP - By Evan Macneil - "He tried to put bees out of his mind, at all times. All around their home, in the trees on the boulevard, were dozens of huge hives."

TONIGHT'S ARCH - By Joseph hartman - (poem)

TWO ON A THRONE - By Vortan - "Two demons sat upon separate, yet connected glass thrones."

TUI FUI EGO ERIS - By Kieran Haines - "It stayed still for a moment, it was sniffing for me, hunting me. I think it heard me as the ghostly silhouette slunk across the floor towards me."

TEDDY - By Stuart - "I have no hands. I have no feet. My mouth is nothing more than a line of flaxen thread."

THEY GO DEEP - By Izzy Winchester - " Sonar showed forests of them thronging the earth, sliding through bedrock, source unseen."

THE THING AT THE WINDOW - By C. Lonnquist - "A sound like muttering; like old, stern German hymns thrummed through the glass my forehead rested upon."

THIS IS YOUR HOLIDAY PRESENT - By Glargondangit56 - (offsite DA link. It's a holidays poem!!)

TOMMY - By Ray - "One day Daddy and Uncle John started telling me and Tommy about something called a ‘snipe’..."

TRANSCRIPT FOR INTERVIEW NUMBER 25 - By Brian Shadensack - "I’ve been unable to enter a house for about two years..."

THING - By Lee - (short)

TODAY - By Dandelion Steph - "Today my toe fell off. That was fine. It was a malformed toe anyway."

TOMB OF THE ANCIENTS - By Xavier Patterson - "I awoke in a dizzy haze."

TOOL SEEKERS - By Vox Humana - "One time, I popped one and it made a bad mess."

TOOTHACHE - By Erickson Warne-Coles - "Something shot of his gut, eliciting a sharp shriek of pain, followed by several more."

They Return - By Jacobguy - "It was no deer, it took a step closer and I saw it was like the head of a deer on the body of a corpse."

The Thing on Owl Creek Ridge - By Nick McLean - "Mr. Hannah was a cultivated man. He read religiously every day."

Three's Company - By Brian Shadensack - "Satan is at least a little musical."

Tomato Soup - By James B. Davis - "It seemed like a nice little diner."

The Traffic Stop - By Elliot Avery - "The cop's expression didn't change at all when Darryl yelled at him"

Tic-toc - By Nick Noah - "How would I ever be able to sleep with that noise?"

Twenty First Birthday - By Dandelion Steph - "The next door was her ninth birthday party."

Take a Handful - By Robbie Lyons - "A vampire wants to drink your blood, a werewolf wants to eat you. He wasn’t yet old enough to be truly afraid of these things. The Candle Man...’got’ you, just like that. He was just young enough to understand that perfectly."

Teleporter in a Penguin - By James B. Davis - "I still can’t believe we did what we did, it was terrible. Just seeing that poor creature go through what it did."

That's All She Wrote - By Kay - "I saw a hole in the crowd. It moved with the rest of the students but no one filled it."

They Watch Us - By Sam Miller - "A gaunt shape. A big head. It clings to the walls above my bed, staring down at me with holes that go straight through its head, letting the meager light shine on through."

This why we Fart - By anonymous - "So for a long time, I assumed that everyone could see it. From my perspective, the only reason we never talked about it was that there was some sort of unspoken rule."

Those Words Like Wind - By Connor Drescher - "My name is Asana, once Katahina, Death-Priest of the Order of Sha’Kriss Ala"

Tick Tock - By Zach Metz - "That sound is the most maddening in the world, I think."

Tonight I Am Going to Look - By River Langham - "It is slithering up my door now, wrapping itself around my doorknob. My eyes have stopped spasming, and I will be able to open them in a moment."

Transformations of a Curve - By Mort Harris - "Math is fun during the day."

Tupperware - By Zach Metz - "Out of the container had crawled a tiny thing formed, it seemed, out of raw rot, predominantly flesh but also vegetable matter, that was oozing its way to the edge of the counter."

Tropicalories - By Hisham H. - "I could see that the wings were strangely, almost haphazardly jointed, asymmetrical even. It kept poking around in the thatch head down, like a mosquito seeking a vessel."

Trucker Diaries: An Illness - By Miranda Johansson - "Chop your arm off, the guy said, and it'll grow back all lumpy and wrong."

Trucker Diaries: Dollar Menu - By Miranda Johansson - "when you've got a deadline coming up and you're on the highway, it's in the middle of the night, you're starving - obviously you're gonna grab a burger."

Trucker Diaries: Factory Town - By Miranda Johansson - "closer to the factory, there was this... thrumming. It wasn't even a noise, really."

Trucker Diaries: Good Samaritan - By Miranda Johansson - "I'm out there, lighting a cigarette, when I hear these weird sounds. These weird moans, and a clicking noise, sounds kinda like someone dropping pebbles on the ground."

Trucker Diaries: Holy - By Miranda Johansson - "I used to be a Christian, I guess. Presbyterian. I'm not, anymore."

Trucker Diaries: Sewer Obamas - By Miranda Johansson - "It's why I'd much rather cross the street than have to walk right past a manhole."

True Image - By Lokal - "He started cutting thin strips of flesh and dropping them in sink."

UNDERNEATH - By Infernalthing - (short)

UNCONVINCING - By Doc Docson - "That it’s so well-understood to us in just two weeks unsettles me deeply.."

Unscheduled Sick Leave - By Trar - "Sitting in the corner between that door and me was another morbid black and green eye-stalk plant."

Upon the Mountain - By Ryan Oleynik - "If you are reading this letter, then I must admit that I am glad that the Lord saw it fit to find its way to you."

Upside Down Fairy - By Anonymous - "I felt the mortal's presence long before she actually arrived at my hatching site."

Under the Covers - By Rugnor - "I tried to return under the bed but then it was already late, it was staring at me with those weird, damp eyes they have, I was so scared I couldn't move."

Unwanted Guests - By Violet - "He's always wanted to see what's inside but being just a kid, only in fifth grade, he's too scared."

VACKY VACUUM - By Anonymous - "The show was named after a living, sentient vaccum cleaner..."

VIDEO LOG - By Jack Allan - "A massive eyeless head lolls idly, more than half of it taken up by a great lipless mouth."

THE VLEEN - By Jared Shingleton - (short)

THE VISITOR - By J. Ford - "The torso narrowed at the center and bulged at the top with what appeared a row of rib bones jutting from his back. A distended goiter served as the unsuitable placeholder for a head."

VOXCAN, VOXCAN'T - By Shouty - "Through the damp dusk of the night-drenched bog moved a ponderous figure. Heaving jingles chime from it as it burdens a large pack."

Valor - By Hisham H. - "I've sworn to keep this secret, but I feel there should be some record, some legacy, as to what really happened."

Vampire Myths: Fact and Fiction - By Monkeysky - "If you are reading this, it is likely that you are a human who has discovered that someone close to you is a Vampire, and you'd like to learn more."

Very Good Servants - By Ed and Julie Bartlett - "The one who is to embrace the creature has paralyzed it with one’s venom, and now makes an incision in its pink skin."

Video Games - By Qubeley - "I turn on the game apprehensively, and there’s no egg in my party."

WANNA SEE WHAT I CAN DO? - By Kiara Maher - "Another tooth, identical to the first, begins to emerge, connected to the same strand."

WATCHING - By Keith Johnstone - "2 is the only even prime number"



THE WISHBRINGER - By Powder - "I shake the plant over Brandon’s face and a black, glossy, oval like shape peeks out from his mouth."

WALL THUMPER - By Slothkeeper - "There it was again. That tick-tacking."

WATCH FOR WANDERING TOWERS - By tbok1992 - "They're coming for us, the towers."

WENDIGO TALE - By Masami - "The name of this beast has even been used to associate a type of mental disorder, wendigo psychosis, which makes the sufferer crave human flesh."

WHAT A COLOR - By Angela Shaver - "IT, started when I went to the reef."

WHAT I SAW - By Mr. Tiktalik - (short)

WHEN THE WORLD DROWNS - By Pyro Gibberish - "Food has been scarce lately; dead animals have almost entirely ceased to float to the window, and I fear the mushrooms are beginning to make me ill."

WHISPER CAUGHT - By Angela Shaver - "Then a thought flashes by. Caught… this is the meaning. You black out."

WHY ANNIE DRINKS APPLE JUICE - By Dandelion Steph - (short)

WIRED - By Vague1 - "They are always parked with their dishes towards you, and you never see them move."

WOODS - By Zombard Zombramble - "I can see it, dressed in flowers, a partially decomposed body."

WORK - By Olita Clark - "Joey’s shift began by checking the doors."

WORRIED - By Anonymous - "Sometimes, you can see what other people are seeing, and you're worried:."

Wandering Sun - By Joseph Hartman - "I suppose you want to know about the man who outran the night?"

Welcome Home - By Wednesday - "You are a man. You are wearing a suit so you must be important."

A Welcome Intrusion - By Cuttlefishking - "You are in the legends"

Wendigo Weather - By Rahkshasarani - "Sometimes hunters would get stranded in the snow, had to take up in a cave."

Wet Bread - By Crow N. - "When you prop your arm on the table in front of you, there is a soft squishing sound."

Wet Dog Smell - By Jon Strong - "I just want to see the faucet doggie again"

What Goes Around - By Keetah Spacecat - "Matthew was awaken by an obnoxiously loud dripping sound"

Wooden Masks - By Nick Noah - "I'm sorry, but I won't be coming to your Halloween party this year either. It has nothing to do with your parties, it's just... costume parties in general."

World's Best Coffee - By Sorbus - "Alexis never had coffee this good in his life."

We Are Armstrong - By Prophet Storm - "We are Armstrong! Armstrong is invincible!"

The Weird Hair - By Austin B. - "I used to have something of a picking problem."

What Are You Eating - By Anonymous - "I could swear I just heard you swallow something. Nevermind. Let's keep going."

What's Her Face - By Duncan Skjaret - "The customer jerked the doll away from her, muttering in undisguised disgust."

What the Forest Offered - By Rook Lankin - "It is now fifteen years since our children went away."

Where's Old Jack - By John Vallone - "Old Jack was the old hunter’s only friend, and he was happy that way."

Who They Are And Why We Ignore Them - By Brendan Cleary - "Soon, the fact that a giant eldritch alien died in the shape of a symbol for love seemed to become more important than the fact that a giant eldritch alien had crash-landed and died."

Wild Card - By TheGunheart and Ryusui - "Of course a human had to have built this thing. No one else could have such an unironically awful sense of humor."

Writ to be Read - By Nick Norden - "I galumphed down to the library a ways off from my home/and once there I scoured shelves for dusty sailor's tomes."

XAVIER - By Thegunheart - "At least, I'm pretty sure “Men's Fascist Delight” and “Summer Warehouse” aren't actual kinds of cheese."

Xeno - By Evan MacNeil - "Darkness. Just darkness. That's all I can see. Pitch black."

Yazul - By Joseph Bashaw - "Yazul noticed with slight disturbance that even though he was looking right at the servants, he never paid attention to their faces, and now that they left he wondered why he couldn't remember even a single face."

YOU ONLY THINK THEY HAVE ONE HEAD - By Eventua - "When I was a child, we were only ever told stories about giants."

Your Body is Changing - By Dandelion Steph - "Morgan cleared her eyes of slime and headed to the mirror."

ZOOPHOBIA - By Jazz Jackalope - "All I recall is a giant, long, black shape undulating through the murky, teal water."

Zombie Guide - By Brian Shadensack - "Some information is scrambled for people or entities accessing this guide with Green Level or below clearance."

Zzz Zzz Zzz - By James B. Davis - (microstory)

18MM - By Ted Miller - "It was fogy, very thing smelt bad. I could feel the moist gross heat all around me."