Creepy-creature fun from all around the web
Kaiju Big Battel - a bunch of people dress up as monsters and wrestle eachother on little cardboard cityscapes.
Norman Saunder's site - click "trading cards" to check out the Ugly Stickers and other awesome creatures from a bygone era!
Cold Storage Designs - official home of Edmund Mcmillen's gruesome and imaginative games!
Zelda's Mars Attacks Home Page - scans of the original "Mars Attacks!" trading cards and much more.
Inzomnia - whatever the heck this is it has spiffy artwork of a bunch of creative creatures.
Tremors 2 official fanpage - lots of movie info, and artwork of creatures designed for the tv show. - A b-movie review site. Images, sound clips and video files available for every review!
The Astounding B-monster - The greatest movie monster site of all time.
Toho Kingdom - illustrated bios of every monster, alien, vehicle and more from every film and television show by Toho studios, best known for the Godzilla movies, and that's just the beginning for this massive site.
Kaijyu illustrated - 30+ great full color drawings of various monsters from ultraman tiga (japanese site)
The monster list of kamen rider - large-ish photos of kamen rider monsters. Not very organized, but neat.
Mechanical Man Kikaida - episode and character guide to the original, live-action Kikaider. Photos of every robot monster in order of appearance from Grey Rhino King to Skeleton Flying Squirrel!
Super Sentai - tends to come and go. When it's up, you can view LOADS of monsters, villains and heroes from the many goranger (power rangers) series that have aired in Japan!
Pokemopolis - an absolutely hilarious pokemon site for the *older* fans. Very slightly mature content. - the largest Pokemon fansite. TCG scans, episode guides (with massive screenshot galleries), and up-to-date game data.
Digimon Album - large, quality scans of every digimon tcg card. Updated as new sets are released.
Castlevania Lore - massive castlevania site... sprites of each and every boss and enemy from the entire game series (even pictures of all the enemies from the largely unsuccessful 3-d games!)
West Mansion - THE splatterhouse website. Not just sprites but also tons of game info and scans of game advertizements, art, box covers and so forth. Check out the links to the webmaster's other, similar sites devoted to Ghouls n' Ghosts, Metal Slug and other fine series!
Kid icarus enemy shrine - All of the enemies from the nes game Kid icarus.
Mana Knight's page - This great site features many games and is one of the only places to find enemy/boss sprites for Seiken Densetsu 3, Secret of Evermore and a few other underrated classics.
RPGclassics - HUGE, popular site made up of many smaller sites, each dedicated to a different console rpg. Nearly all feature complete sets of monster images, many of which you can't find elsewhere.
Fenrir's sprite domain - complete image archive for final fantasy 6 and a mega man sprite page!
MONSTER - site in japanese with sprites of every monster in the "Wizardry" series.
Chocovaders - the japanese namco site for this bizarre (and cool!) GBA rpg. The sixth button down is the full alien guide, with both artwork and animated sprites for every space invader!
AD&D at Wizards of the Coast - apart from many nice articles and general information, you can view the illustrations from every recent Dungeons and Dragons book under the "Art Gallery" link!
Metroid II enemies - official site (japanese) for metroid II: return of samus features manual art of the enemies!
Vimm's Lair - features a massive collection of video game manual scans, downloadable in PDF format! - Official webpage of the surreal video game series set in a comically grim alien world.
Doo's Neverhood Fanpage - a classic fansite devoted to Doug TenNapel's Neverhood universe, with beautiful color art of its myriad creatures and characters!
Creatures of the deep - Japanese site with incredibly beautiful, lifelike artwork of over 200 deep-sea fish and invertebrates, with latin names in english. Each of the three galleries represents a different depth, and so they share many of the same species.
The Obakemono Project - Tengu's fantastically illustrated, ever-growing guide to Youkai monsters!
The Gallery of Monster Toys - A huge, webaward-winning guide to monster toys through the ages. The owner once outbid me on a box of "teacher's pet" jiggler monsters on ebay!
Where R D Z-bots? - images and names of all the micro machines "z-bots" robots, one my favorite toy lines.
The Little Rubber Guys Archive - A great guide to Monster in my pocket, M.U.S.C.L.E and other small toys!