Best 50 Fantasia & Fantasia II
-these games are adult, but this page is pretty much suitable for anyone-
  No relation to anything from Walt Disney studios (at least, I sure hope not), Best 50 Fantasia & Fantasia II are X-rated ripoffs of the classic game, Qix. It plays exactly the same as qix, except that in each stage you cut away the background to reveal a nude photograph while evading one of several monsters bent on your demise. If you do really poorly, the photograph will change into something "bad", like the stolen hellraiser image seen here:
  In the first game, there's a "character selection" screen featuring Micheal Jackson, Robocop and other stars who obviously didn't give permission to be used like this. Whichever image you've chosen will appear between stages and at the top of the screen during play. I was robocop! You don't get to do this in Fantasia II :(
-The Monsters-
  Fantasia is one screwed-up piece of crap, but the monsters you face are kinda neat. Many look stolen from other games, but I'm not sure, so let me know if you recognize them. There are three in Best 50 Fantasia and five in Fantasia II (they repeat themselves after you've beaten them all). Each wanders aimlessly around the screen unleashing smaller creatures and ocassionally changing size or shape.
Best 50 Fantasia's Monsters:
-First Monster-
Very cool-looking, scurrying cockroach. For some reason it sends soldier termites after you.
-Second Monster-
A floating gorgon head that creates tiny snakes.
-Third Monster-
Yep, that's it. A happy face. Really quite scary. Spins around and shoots coins that bounce off of stuff.
Fantasia II's Monsters:
-First Monster-
A big, hairy, tarantula-wasp. It behaves exactly like the cockroach from the first game, and creates winged versions of the cockroach's termites.
-Second Monster-
Sort of a crazed, muppet-like plant creature. Not as animated as most of the other monsters. He scatters flying red tentacles.
-Third Monster-
A badass, bloody ghost who attacks with killer flying heads and sometimes changes into a cuter-looking ghost that doesn't really do anything, but gosh, it sure is cute. I like both forms.
-Fourth Monster-
A skeleton bat/dragon/demon backed by a flock of miniature duplicates. Sometimes he dashes wildly around the screen while spinning.
-Fifth Monster-
I LOVE this guy! Don't tell me you weren't expecting me to. He doesn't really do much, but as you can see he's a little more animated than the other guys. He sends out red spheres and other junk in addition to mini-monsters. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't even want to do this page,
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