Quiz Chikyu Bouei Gun
  With this arcade game due to taito, eagerly desired the monster and the foreigner to whom the young space cadet fights are played by the reply of question of small thing. Each answering gives many damages to the enemy, or comes having the close your boat due to purpose! There is plural minigames and various weapons which could use.!
  You there is the systematic monster 15 in the game which can fight in any order which you desire, but need only 8 to fight in order to complete storyline; two of the fight are bosses. That is fights completely, it is done through the quiz game. If you answer to question just, your ship attack the ene,y. You answer the wrongdoing and the enemy of damaging you!
  I can't reads the story, but you it eagerly desired in the young space cadet that the earth swaying. There are many friends and ally. Is nerd of the lovely pink hair, but it seems that she operates the important control console or, everyone's, I don't you know.
  Twice in the course for playing you are can offered bonus stage. There are 3 minigames which it should choose; gallery of shooting the flatwoods monster, the only and one "space invaders", or a guessing game of space abduction!
The 17 Monsters Bad
A fiend. Fine feathered.
  As for this enormous bird the barbequed chicken, it is possible with the inclusion of unusual accident to draw up microwave and xbox. Attack of the mighty wing which blows that your starship!
Timely of a small tree
  Between the many years thing it was cut off in order to bring the destruction of the mankind for countless crime to nature. By the radioactive monk, was maintained, as for the wood of this bonzai finally became aware. There is a very clean eye to that.
Old braggart, I do know him
  This it is large, him himself the scholar he fantasizes! But the brain whose feeling is bad rather. Naturally, everything it intelligent headgear is which only to attract women. Our brains you which is not deceives; maintain those tentacles to yourself sir!!!
It is the posterior which frights
  If you see closely, it can look that this insect glasses are evident. is that range of vision poor? Vision for monster in truth is sufficient. That glasses is mainly with respect to fashion. The chicks following to him, digs the mutational insect with glasses, he would say.
The that the is very hard
  Being boiled with the stew of the poisonous chemical, this as for the crab which is gotten angry it is because of the red! That heavy shell while doing everything which that cruel nail speaks, protects him. This is not an secret.
To what could store inside
  Electricity tentacles and killer cube from the space where the scurvy red eye has been attached! Don't be confuses, the sponge which is not he. He is not a sponge.
Unlike an other
  Resembling to the cross between the dinosaur and the hygienic broadcast reception antenna, perhaps as for this monster you act as a beacon for the wicked aggressor.
Is this love? I think
  The monster where the game is coolest! The choke it is gotten angry, the running writing of insanity! Didn't which enters, the chestnut it returned. Ohio state gushes forth when being destroyed!
Five (5) dollar
  Destiny being enormous, the sexy space it is lovely the person! She makes the energy attack from her hand free. Energy of destiny! The hand of destiny! That kind of fear.
I will warm it up for you
  Any this splendid creative things are visible like scrapheap which has lived. Being stored with the seething meat, the remarkable hill of the eyeball of the deposit and the expansion where the car and the bit of the junk shoot stench.
  It has made Dosojin be based; the idol of the clay which symbolizes fertility, protects the shrine. Strange that this kind of thing being enormous and it loyalty to the wicked foreigner; considerably.
The arm it has
  This muscle, there is an enormous arm and the hand in the ape-like reptile. Being damaged, at even the time, he always happiness! There is an arm. Smile!
Luck to be there is a zoom lens to that
  Seeming like fusion between snail and camcorder. Perhaps news reporter became close in gamma-ray of space invasion. Without either the way, adhesion being administered, as for any this is not possible to move very fast.
Can we fix it???
  Of substance literal "monster truck" (lol); merger of heavy machines. As for this monster operating, safety is not under influence of the medicine.
Always wet
First "boss" the monster of the game, turtle nail and fish the tail. Is loaded the sea dragon which is urged. It is driven from the natural habitat by the meddlesome tourist? It threatens the undersea city of the people who dwell in an undersea city!
Out into space
Being final, final boss! That be defeated in order to rescue moonbase of the people who the blue skin. Peel off from complete destruction sufficiently! He is NOT ghidrah.


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