Bubble Bobble 2
It's the sequel to one of the greatest games of all time, Bubble Bobble! The stars of this series are bub and
bob (joined by their girlfriends in this installment) two guys who have been transformed into cute little
dragons with the power to blow bubbles. Each stage is a single screen in which you must trap your
enemies in the bubbles and pop them, which changes them into food. Makes sense.
As always, you'll get a visit from your arch-nemesis, Baron Von
Blubba, if you spend too much time in one level. The Baron is a
floating, undead whale that pursues you slowly and randomly and
cannot be killed by anything. His entrance is preceeded by dracula
music and he absolutely kicks all kinds of ass. Here, have some
bigger sprites of him:
All of the older enemies make a comeback along with a TON of new
ones I can't find the names of. Pretty much all of them are the
same..they move around, they touch you, you die, so I won't bother
doing any individual information on them. I will say that my personal
favorites are the mummies, the block things with the skeleton feet, and
the little cloaked white ghost dudes, who were in the last game and are
called Stoners. Yes, Stoners. Basically, I like all the undead enemies.
They have eyes like the BARON.