King Of The Monsters 2
Many a flawed but enjoying anyway for big monsters. Beetle Mania a popular pick,
die in KOTM2 to make great unhappy. Woo sudden has cyber. Wrestling with
monsters fun among smashing buildings to and fro! Puny human weapons put to real
use for you to now throwing them! Fun to be had in KOTM2 is featuring four
monsters additioned by none. KOTM2 being alien invasion utilizes evil monsters for
havoc of tremendous.OBSERVE.
Freud would have a field day.
He's the big bad boss of 'em all. He turns into littler versions when he dies.
Basically all this guy does is taunt you for the first few levels.
Sack Eye's triple bubble attack inflates your monster, rendering you briefly immobile.
What do you mean you don't understand? These underwater enemies clamp over your head and drain health.
He'll spit eggs out sometimes that hatch into a random flying enemy.
Can't you read? These things hide beneath swirling vortexes in the desert sands, like big antlions.
-Hero Monster for Playing-
Atomic Guy:
Tuntionally the guy who is atomic. That is
the truth to be told.
Woo/Cyber Woo:
Was not cyber before but an end was put.
Missle the firing and you can watch when he
does this. The face is for a mechanical.
He would be king for monster but
there are other monster being king.
-The Bad Monsters Bigger-
Huge Frogger:
Not just frogger, HUGE frogger! Hops around like HUGE
frogger he is and having beams out of his mouth! Frogger is
teleportation ability because it would seem HUGE froggers can
do this.
PRECAUTIONS! Dangeous head and  having usurped human
body for supreme danger. His arms are have stretch. When
dies, dangerous head flying off to triple eye-beams!
Claw head, he cries to the unforgiving sky for to two heads and
the laugh with these. Spin to victory and with length of mouth!
Sack Eyes:
Because heaviest house to carry, outmaneuver will bringing your
victory.Watch the balloon bubble! Sack Eyes uncaring of
always wet for this is enjoyable when being a sea monster.
The stomach eye pulling all into dust in mannerisms the black hole.
Struggling is no use! Head appendage laying an egg some of the time and
and a small monster will hatches
Amazing speed for great bulk, Famardy the true bigger of all monster.
Final effort is becomes many a small Famardy before defeat!
He's really that brain that kept laughing at you...
...which makes one last kamikaze attack in this bug-legged form once the body is dead.
Beetle Master:
Is an earthquake? Inaccuracy! With a great shriek beetle master
tunneling up out of much dirt. In truth beneath there lies the brain
all the time. Having died, brain reveals to explode!
The Brain:
Meesenger to Famardy, the brain
speak why you are lose at every start.
The terrible jelly! They
will eat on the head; of
our monster. Shake,
fast, shake away the
Mighty beneath the
sand hole, the secret
to knowing stay
away wont foorish,
It'll sometimes come down and eat your head like those jellyfish.
...basically they pop in and out of holes in the ground and fire at you....
...basically they pop in and out of holes and fire at you...
...they emerge from the ground and spit stuff, duh.
...they emerge from the ground and spit stuff, duh.
-The Bad Monsters Smaller-
But for appearance, differences are lost among for these are sad to be all the same enemy
The bad flowers
coming from
holes, spit
amoeba and hide
There is little to
differ from to
these from a
moles. Except