King of the Monsters
 A rather fun, classic arcade game (though opinions on it vary wildly) allowing up to four players to beat
eachother up as giant rampaging monsters demolishing an entire city in the process. The original has six
monsters, but the super nintendo port of the game removed rocky and poison ghost. You had a variety of
wrestling-type moves, a few projectile attacks, and the ability to toss buildings. There isn't much else to say
and not much to the monsters themselves, so just enjoy these seldom-seen sprites. At the time of this
writing, you won't find a single sprite of poison ghost anywhere else on the internet!
All six monsters!
Astro-Guy, also called Atomic Guy, a giant
superhero ala Ultraman (but a lot sillier looking)
Rocky, a stone golem with an uninspired name.
Oh well, gets the point across.
Woo, the obligatory giant ape. Wooo!
Beetle Mania, one of the only really original
monsters. Too bad he wasn't in the sequel...
Geon, the obligatory Godzilla lookalike.
Poison Ghost!!! The only other really original
character, a mummylike fella made of toxic