"Abadox" is one of my favorite classic video games. Created by Milton Bradley, this game centers around a soldier in a space suit blasting his way through the body organs of the space monster, Parasitis, to rescue a princess who's starship was swallowed by it along with the planet Abadox. Being larger than a solar system, Parasitis is home to its own giant parasites, symbiotes and natural defense mechanisms. The game is as short as it is difficult, and it completely rips off from the similarly themed game "lifeforce", but frankly I find it far more charming. Since there are almost no abadox fansites on the net, here you go. One of those. Every other stage in this game is from a bird's-eye view, starting from the side-scrolling first stage.
Welcome to parasitis!
All stage descriptions copied from the actual game manual. Don't blame me. (enemy info on mouse-over)
Deathface shoots ghostly eyeballs and pellets.
Bau can be damaged only in the eye on his back.
These crawl back and forth opening like flowers to spit at you. My skin is infested with purple pterodactyls, too.
Hopping crustaceans found only between parasitis' teeth! Fly in a waving pattern
Fly around shooting
These eyes roll around in the skin, collecting bits of it like a snowball, then shooting the pieces in a spray.
These are in every level and contain power-ups.
Fly straight at you
Stage 1
"Fly over the twisted, gnarled surface of Parasitis! Fight snapping jaws and cunning skulls - a sampling of Parasitis' mutant armies. Beware the hideous dog-like monster, Bau, who gaurds the entrance to Parasitis` mouth! Destroy him and you're inside! Blast past the treacherous fangs and tongue! Then venture boldly through the bone-crunchers! If you thought Bau was a fearsome foe, the Gaurdian Deathface will be a real treat to defeat!"
Circles around you shooting pellets.
Hard to tell where the boss starts and the scenery ends.
These skulls fly straight at you. Blast the skull and the "tail" will continue flying.
These would be the lizards of doom.
Head-like motionless pods that inflate and fire three shots at once.
Fuzzy eyes that zig-zag up at you.
These emerge from metal spheres, latch onto you and prevent you from shooting. Arms that form from the walls.
Stage 2
"Now you're in the throat! Weave your way carefully down this muscular canal. Battle single-cell organisms and pods of poisonous spores. Watch out for the Hands of Death! An unwary visitor is most welcome here! Soon, a circling Gaurdian will try to entrap you. Destroy it and then blast into the risky channel of the esophagus! This narrow part of Parasitis' digestive tract is the realm of the Lizards of Doom. Surprise! The Final Gaurdian will greet you with a fanfare of deadly stars!"
The eye thing bursts from the body's chest to attack!
The skeleton shark spitting at you.
These shoot and look at you and horrible things like that.
These floating embryos shoot tiny red cells at you that fly like butterflies.
The skeleton shark not spitting at you. This is rare.
Skeleton fish.
Red cells that attack in swarms from openings in the walls. tiny spitting flowerlike things.
Spinning blue eyes that appear in large numbers.
Stage 3
"Suddenly, you're in the Deadly Forest of Blue Nerves. Dancing flowers wave about as they scan for intruders to kill! Pass quickly through a twisted channel of frozen nerves and meet the great Shark Gaurdian head-on! Defeat him and enter another fluid channel. -This inner sanctum is inhabited by floating larvae and vicious hydrozoa - among others. Grab those weapons! You`ll need them when you meet the final all-seeing Gaurdian!"
The cilia monster's hornes thrust in and out as fleshy tubes fire at you. He's pretty silly, and he just keeps getting CILIA.
Attached to the walls by their heads, these things follow your movements with their claw. The boss of the stomach crabs!
Stomach crabs!!!
These crawl along the walls, then fly straight at you.
Stage 4
"Now plunge downward into Parasitis' stomach. Beware the cellular organisms that detach from the walls! They'll demolish any food (such as you!) so the stomach crabs can crunch away!

Battle the King Crab as it gaurds the final digestive chamber! Here, the dreaded Cilia monster pummels anything that passes by! Avoid its pulsating horns if you can!"
The last boss throws his head at you.
These hovering mines have creepy, gibbering mouths.
A trio of these serve as mid-boss.
Buckety robots! They walk around and shoot at you from their eyeballs.
Alien heads attached to the floors and ceilings.
Mechanical-looking eyeball rockets.
Stage 5
"Be careful as you maneuver through this intestinal channel! Armed insectoids will mobilize to attack you - along with many mechanical devices. Look out for enemies above and below!

Destroy the 3 powerful Gaurdians so you can blast into the next chamber - the energy nerve center! Electrical charges and more await you! Destroy the Gaurdian Commander quickly or you'll never survive!"
The sexay final boss. The sexay final boss.
Destroy these heads and their brains come out. Oh nooooo!
Brains that split into chunks that spray in all directions when destroyed.
GHOSTS!!! The last boss creates these.
Little wall-walking robots.
Five eyes are the mini-boss.
Stage 6
"Zoom down the Tube of Death, avoiding heat-seeking fireballs and other macabre organisms. Watch out for the hazardous energy bars with their electrical charges!

Five Gaurdians protect the door to the Core. Destroy them to reach the last corridor! Every weapon counts here as you battle the final armies of Parasitis!
-Out the backdoor-

Wasn't that fun? Well anyway, theres one thing about this game I feel I absolutely
must comment on... from the start of the game you are working your way downwards into parasitis and through its digestive tract, and you never once turn around or change direction, and the exit is a very, very long tunnel just past the final boss chamber, which is presumably just beyond the stomach... you can see where this is going.


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