Godzilla: Monster of Monsters
In the first Godzilla video game on any nintendo system, you control Godzilla and Mothra battling several
other toho kaiju who are under the control of alien invaders. Each level is turn-based and made up of
hexes, each of which contains a breif side-scrolling stage in which your monster battles planes, tanks, other
military weapons and occassionally small aliens. These enemies are pitifully weak, but may weaken you
before you face the main enemy monster. Battles are timed, and you will have to battle the other kaiju
multiple times to wear down their health and finally defeat them.
He needs no introduction. He's the star of the game and can
punch, whip with his tail or fire his mighty atomic breath.
I'm a slightly bigger fan of mothra than Godzilla, and the big
bug is actually a lot better in this game than godzilla... at
least during the stages. Mothra's main weapon is a long
distance attack rather than just a punch, and it can fly over
most enemies. Godzilla's beam attack is considerably
stronger than Mothra's "dust" attack (in which it rapidly
drops moth wings on its enemy) but can't be used as often.
-Enemy Kaiju-
The giant squid from "Yog" makes an appearance here as
the game's first boss. It is one of the few bosses that can
jump, and attacks with its tentacle.
Another refugee from a non-godzilla flick, the Mysterian's
giant robot fires beams in multiple directions. Moguera is
not to be confused with the nearly identical M.o.g.u.e.r.a,
which is built by humans in Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla.
Godzilla's evil robotic twin! He just shoots rays and jumps.
The burrowing, bunny-eared dinosaur doesn't get many
roles in the toho monster universe. He just raises on his hind
legs to shoot a ray at you.
What's with all these second-rate kaiju? Varan got his own
movie, but he's generally considered forgettable and as far
as many are concerned, forgotten. Still, he's better than
Gorosaurus. (I'm kidding, Gorosaurus fan, yes, both of you.
I love ALL monsters to an extent.)
Finally, a monster people recognize! The badassed
bird/mantis/metal dinosaur gigan comes at you with those
vicious sickles and that giant organic chainsaw in his chest
and ohhh is he a meanie!!!
I played this game when it was new, and never knew till just
today (at the time of this writing) that it included my all-time
favorite giant monster! Hedorah attacks you with his sloppy
arms and flings dozens of little grey globs at you!
King Ghidorah:
A.K.A. Monster Zero. The three headed gold space
dragon was always considered Godzilla's arch rival, but
only posed a threat to his earliest appearances. Since then
he's been so outclassed by other monsters that by the time
an SNES Godzilla game came around, Monster Zero was
always used as the
first weakly boss. In this, though, he's
the ultimate evil, the most powerful and difficult monster in
the game. We'll always remember your brief moment of
NES glory, Ghidorah!!!
Giant brain pod alien thingamajigs:
I can't remember if you fight these all through the game or
just in the first level, but I found them kind of neat. They're
like mini-bosses. They can't move, but they can create little
brains with feet (ain't they cute?) that fly around shooting
you. When you've damaged the big brain enough it'll fire
balls of energy in all directions until you finally kill it.