Beast Warrior
....What can I really say about this one? There's some sort of battle between a few giant monsters. They fight in an empty square arena. Quite frankly, it's the worst game I have ever played. The controls are painfully unresponsive and limited, you'll spend most of the game ricocheting uncontrollably off the electrified walls, beating one opponent takes forever, there's no depth, extra features or innovation whatsoever and both the music and visual style express a dingy, sorrowful mood that would really hinder the fun of the game if it were any fun to begin with. Regardless, it's a little-known game with some interesting looking and amusingly named monsters, so here you go. Probably the first beast warrior sprites page in internet history. You deserve a medal if you can prove me wrong.
Odd mammalian beast with angel wings.
Diecoon is a snakelike humanoid.
Hax j00!
AIR-HOHLE (not an error) is a one eyed birdlike creature.
Air-Hohle Diecoon Federico Hax-004 Macalha
Proglarze is the game's obligatory fatass.
Ominos is a two-headed, clawed serpent.
OCT? That's all they could think up? He's too cool looking for "Oct".
A snake-tailed robot?
Chuck D. Head Playable character. Ever.
Wlobolos Proglarze Oct Ominos T-2 Arewol
Green monster you play as in one of the two game modes. You have to name it yourself.
Oct and Arewol in a couple different poses because I like these two.


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