Decap Attack
  This bizarre sega platformer was originated in japan as an entirely different game - "Magical Flying Hat Turbo Adventure" - which was based on a cartoon and revolved around robots. For whatever reason, it was given a complete facelift with a horror motif and released in America as "Decap Attack". Instead of a boy with a magical flying hat, the hero became something far stranger and far, far more impressive: Chuck D. Head, the headless mummy.

   Created by a friendly but insane scientist, Chuck's mission is to stop the denizens of the abyss from wreaking havoc on his innocent, skeleton-shaped homeland. Yes, the world is a continent shaped like a human skeleton. Demons have broken this continent into several islands with three stages and one boss battle each. Chuck's basic weapon is the face in his chest, which can extend to ram enemies like a great, big fist. His name, however, and the game's very title, are derived from Chuck's ability to find himself a skull, attach it to his torso, and toss it like a boomerang. No matter where it goes, it'll always fly right back his main body. One hit, however, and he'll lose his skull. 4-6 additional hits (depending on difficulty level) and he'll disintegrate into a pile of rot.

I love this game.
Chuck in his various poses. The last one is when he's sliding or swinging on poles, having tons of fun like a headless corpse should.
Enemy info on mouse-over
Slugs that wear spiked turtle shells to prevent you from jumping on them.
Little imps (or maybe gremlins, or who knows?) that fire arrows from their hats. Very common. The easiest enemy in the game. Werewolves do nothing but walk straight ahead.
These otters just swim straight up and down and leap out of the water over and over. Ice-skating clowns that chase you like the flurries in mario brothers 2. I hate these little bastards. These psychotic fish chase after you on land or in water. They take two hits to kill and almost always manage to hurt you. I hate them more than I have ever hated an enemy in any game.
Tiny little imps with cool shades and big, big hammers.
One hit destroys the shell. Jumping doesn't harm the naked slug, but without spikes it won't hurt you either. Another hit with your face or skull will kill it.
Carnivorous plants with eyes in their mouths. They can jump, and they'lle chase you. Very irritating.
Similar to the arrow guys, but with propellers on their heads to help them leap.
These ghosts can fly short distances and may sometimes be hiding inside statues. These ghosts can fly short distances and may sometimes be hiding inside statues. Little cow skulls with feet, or possibly little guys wearing cow skulls. Common and weak, but cool. Jellyfish float up and down until you get to close, then they come after you.
These ghosts can fly short distances and may sometimes be hiding inside statues.
These are just ducks. They fly. Possibly the spookiest enemy in the game!!!
Skeleton fishies! YAY!
This robotic truck with extending jaws appears in only one stage. It slowly pursues you through and cannot be killed.
This one's not an enemy...if you touch the top of one of these blocks a skull pops out and catapaults you into the air.
The Bosses
Giant cannibal guy is the first boss you encounter. He'll first charge at you, then throw his horned helmet that flies all around the screen. Pretty easy to defeat.
The second boss, and my favorite, is a giant toad who's young emerge from holes in its back to attack you. Just like the real-life surinam toad, except for the attacking part.
Boss #3 is a big desert demon standing on a geyser that moves around the screen. Every so often he stops and spins his head around to shoot fireballs diagonally and horizontally in both directions and one fireball straight down. The horizontal shots drop down when they pass over your head, the diagonal don't do anything and the single shot downwards will roll along the ground in whichever direction you're standing.
Boss of the lava world is a giant mole who pops up out of the ground and throws rocks at you.
The water-area boss resembles a ball of coral and floats through the air. When he opens his shell, he spits little umbrella-headed guys out the top of his head. Weird.
The totally kickass dancing yeti. He dances. He's a yeti. He hangs from the top of the screen at regular intervals to spit little grey spheres at you. He dances some more. He rocks.
A big fat demon shown here in the opening is also the final boss. He can stomp to drop rocks on you from the cieling and creates small fireballs that follow you everywhere. Defeat his fat ass, and win the game!
The Ending
(I'm missing a part here where they put a skull on him and lower a machine over his body)
So for saving the world, Chuck gets restored to a living human who calls himself Charlie. I have no idea how that's a good thing. Hopefully he will rise once again as good old chuck when his weak and pathetic human body finally dies of old age. Yay for Chuck!


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