Draxos (A.K.A Risky Woods)
  The plot of this game is never explained in the game itself so I'm not quite sure, but you seem to play a holy warrior of some sort freeing souls from statues as you battle demons. It is actually nearly identical to a Ghouls n' Ghosts game, but far shorter and easier with larger, cartoonier sprites. Almost like a "kiddie" Ghouls n' Ghosts. Even the weapon pickups and treasure chests work the same. The graphics are awesome for a genesis game and the music is very catchy and cool. Not bad, not great.

   In each stage you must destroy all of the statues containing trapped souls and pass "gargoyles" by collecting all of the golden wheels throughout the stage. It sounds difficult, but the stages are as straightforward as they come and everything you need to get is laid out in the open, in plain sight and impossible to miss. The problem is that every stage is timed a measly five minutes, and there is absolutely no continue system. An interesting aspect of the game is how your health bar works on a loop (or "wraps around", if you will)...if a health item gives you more than enough to fill it completely, it will actually be emptied and you'll then get the remainder. Also interesting is the fact that freeing souls damages you.
  These are the gargoyles that block your path. There are a couple in each stage, and they can only be activated by inserting golden wheels into them. There are usually two or three such wheels to collect before each gargoyle, and if you missed one (almost impossible) the gargoyle will conveniently teleport you directly on top of it! Pressing C throws your wheels into the statue's base and pressing it again activates a flashing sequence of arrows on the wheel itself. Copy this sequence with the directional pad (have you ever played "simon?") to blow up the gargoyle and proceed with the damn game.
Dem tings what aren't your friends:
Floating demons that attack with their webbed claws.
Floating demons that attack with their webbed claws.
Floating demons that attack with their webbed claws.
Floating demons that attack with their webbed claws.
Skeletons are the first and most basic enemies. They just run at you. Insectile vultures from the first stage.
Insectile vultures from the first stage.
Immobile but obnoxious fire-spitters found in many levels. Little flying imps.
Pillars that shoot small blasts from their skulls.
Mace-armed goblins are the final stage's version of the skeleton.
These ogre-looking guys are identical to the skeletons.
These demon dogs only move by leaping. Woof!
Another style of imp.
Another style of imp.
These demon dogs only move by leaping.
These little things are all over the final level.
Dem BIGGER tings what aren't your friends:
  The first boss is a cool bug/lizard thing that spits fireballs. The battle is very easy, as the monster will actually retreat if you run straight for it, flying higher and spitting fireballs harmlessly over your head.
  The second boss attacks and behaves exactly like the first but is surrounded by little shelled creatures that float around it in an orbiting ring. The 'bugs" are invincible but will drop to the ground and roll towards you when damaged. Sometimes the entire ring will drop and form a long line that will most definately kill you.
  Boss #3 is a seahorse-like dragon that drifts above you and spits fireballs that burn along the ground when they land. The rest of its body can't be seen.
  The final boss is immobile, but an infinite number of nasty little flying demons pour from the gaping hole in its stomach. I still haven't beaten the thing.


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