Ghouls n' Ghosts SEGA
  This page has been made under the assumption that you've already read the page on the snes game, so anything I've already explained there shouldn't have to be repeated here. Both games follow the same formula. In this port of the older arcade game, Loki (or lucifer, in the original) has stolen the souls of a bunch of people including the princess. Loki/lucifer is very scary and bad. He has a big chair. Ohno!
  Since I already put sprites of Sir Arthur in the Ghosts n' Goblins snes page, here's pics of Princess Guinevere as a ghost, as a corpse, coming back to life, and kissing Arthur. Also, there's a giant dove thing that brings her body to you so her spirit can re-enter it. I like to pretend the dove has a relationship with the demon that kidnaps her in the other games. Opposites attract, you know.
  These magicians look like guys in tuxedos instead of clowns, and their magic turns Arthur into either an old man (who can still attack but moves very slowly) or a duck in a red bow tie (which can move fine but cannot attack or climb ladders)
Enemy info on mouseover
The heads spat by the flower.
The heads spat by the flower.
"Pigmen" try to skewer you. If you're under them, they spew buckets of vomit on your head. Nice. The heads spat by the flower.
A reaper jumping all kickasslike.
A pigman preparing to vomit. Vultures sit in the trees and swoop down on you when you get too close.
A reaper who wants your blood.
NOOO! Damn you, Arthur!
"Skeleton Murderers" as the manual calls them, emerge from the ground like the zombies of the other games. A turtle walking. They are vulnerable in this form but they can fire bullets.
A reaper climbing up over a wall.
A "rock turtle" retracted into its shell. In this form they bounce and are indestructible.
A reaper getting ready to jump off a wall.
Flowers that crawl back and forth and spit zombie heads at you, three at a time. These become tiny whirlwinds when moving. The manual calls them "sickle weasels".
Giant Antlions that lurk at the bottoms of sand traps beneath crumbling bridges.
Giant hands that shoot bullets. They don't move, but if you run into them, they'lle instantly crush you to death.
Stone faces that shoot at you.
"Mud armor". These stick out of the walls in a level where the floor rises. If they arent killed by the time the floor reaches them, they'lle crawl across it.
The classic eyeball plants from the original arcade game are back in the scorched ruins!
Worms that extend from the walls in the crystal caves. These plants have tall, stalklike tongues with platforms on top. Arthur must hop across them without getting pulled down into the jaws.
According tot he manual, "Bi-fangs" are coated in a "membrane of poisonous gas". They don't attack, but they float around in large numbers.
Called "demon's dayfly" by the manual, these just fly at you in the mountain stage.
"Flying goblins" drop rocks on you.
Different snakelike worms in the crystal caves that crawl. Yes another crystal caves worm-monster. These are immobile and (what else?) spit at you.
"Fire bats" formed from fire in the burning city.
Very cool floating skeleton dragons that come out of holes in the walls of the final castle.
Red Gargoyles
Every bit as annoying as ever.
The Horrible Faced Mountains
I thought I'd include these, since they are basically monsters. These huge stone demon heads have pink tongues hundreds of feet long that extend in and out repeatedly. Arthur must actually ride on their tongues in order to get through the level (called, ironically enough, "The Horrible Faced Mountains") but if he doesn't hop off them in time, the faces will pull him in and swallow him.
The Bosses
First boss you fight. He carries his own head, which breathes fireballs. Like the giant bird in the snes game, you'll fight this guy's head on the walls of the last level. Game says "Shielder", manual calls him "Statue of terror".
Boss of the burning village is a giant, sabre toothed beast made of pure fire. The manual calls him "Infernomo".
After surviving the Horrible Faced Mountains, Arthur is attacked by a one-eyed cloud. It circles around him, occassionally whirling into a miniature thunderstorm. You fight several at once in the final castle. Once again, the manual has a different name, "Mistral Winds". Gassuto/mistral is the last boss the manual mentions.
Without a doubt my favorite boss in the game and possibly one of my favorites of almost any game, the huge crystal caves boss takes up almost three screens and appears to be a cross between a maggot and a decaying fish. This beastie doesn't move, but the battle is nontheless difficult as fast-moving green maggots crawl up out of its hearts and even faster flying red worms slither from holes that rip open in the creature's skin. This thing is probably also the source of all those other worms and snakes in the level.
-Small Lucifer-
Only one version of lucifer in this one, and he's fairly easy to beat.
My second favorite boss here, the giant fly is the second-to-the-last boss and pretty darn powerful. It fires globs of green goo from its tail (finally, an enemy that doesn't spit stuff from its mouth) and can transform into an entire swarm of tiny-sized flies.
Loki/Lucifer is the final boss. Tons more impressive than Sardius (boss of super ghouls n' ghosts), he sits on his throne and attacks by blasting holes in the floor, firing rays from his fingers and trying to smash you with his feet. Getting stepped on is instant death even if you're playing with the secret invincibility code!


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