Splatterhouse III
In this third installment of the Splatterhouse series (not counting the "SD" game) the vile denizens of the abyss have invaded the very home of our hero, Rick, and put his wife and son in danger. Rick must make his way through his conveniently labyrinthine mansion to stamp out the forces of evil before they stamp out his family.
-Monster info on mouse-over-
The cloaked monsters attack with huge claws.
This guy first appears as a boss, then reappears as a normal enemy. It can leap, spit acid, and attack with a claw from it`s throat when it`s head is gone.
The biting zombies who attack with their tongues or by sliding.
Floating cloaked monsters that teleport away from you...
The big fat monsters who charge and bite.
The basic Zombies and first enemies you encounter.
Puffy zombies. Nothing special.
The newer, nastier version of the "screaming mimi" from the last two games. They can leap, like most of the enemies, and have a nasty reach.
The mutant dogs that can spit or attack with wasplike stingers.
Under their cloaks, the things are just nasty floating heads that can attack with huge tongues.
Giant Bore-Worm
A giggling worm that sends tinier worms after you and inhabits a room lined with pulsating flesh and organs.
Teddy Bear
Inhabits your son's room. Harmless and clumsy until it reveals its claws and fangs.
A horrible mutant fetus that emerges from a floating egg.
The Evil One
Current leader of the monsters. Fires beams and attacks with a ghostlike head from his chest.
The Mask
In its first form, it attacks with flames. When it shifts to giant head mode, it releases ghostly clones of itself and fires needles.