Gegege No Kitarou
  One of the most popular and beloved franchises in Japan, Gegege no Kitarou is a manga, anime, and several videogames/movies about a little goblin boy and his long-dead father's disembodied eyeball. Together they battle (and befriend) a wide variety of mythological japanese monsters!

   The snes side-scroller based on the cartoon plays rather strangely. Each level is nothing more than a very wide sort of "arena" in which you battle three waves of enemies from weakest to strongest. The last wave is the boss, while the others can consist of multiple weak enemies or one somewhat strong enemy. In a way, the entire game is just a series of boss battles and mini-boss battles. I didn't finish the last level, because I can't get past the blasted werewolf.
The Enemies
(incomplete! Missing, frankenstein's monster, werewolf, witch, and final boss!)
Appears as a humanoid, then flies at you in ghost form.
Walks slowly towards you, kneels, and tries to pull you into her mouth with her hair.
Ookamuro smashes into you, gnashing his teeth!
Nupperabou. There are several of these. They just run at you.
Kicks acorns at you.
Several of these attack you. They move when withdrawn, then burst out of their boxes.
Flies at you, and summons both giant hammers and what appear to be crawling brains made of rock. Both chase after you and attack.
Tanuki appear out of the water and use their tails to attack you.
Emerge from the water and attack with their tongues.
A tengu, I think...flies and shoots stuff.
Shiro-bozou float towards you in a group.
These Doratabou are the only enemy you cannot destroy. They rise up out of the mud to spit small fireballs. Just avoid them.
Purple ghost that swoops down at you.
The kitsune shifts between its fox-form and a ghostly sheet. It can also transform into pink smoke.
Wherever this Gashadokuro touches the ground with its claws, the soil churns and moves quickly towards you. It lowers from up above like a spider to grab at you.
Fly in predictable patterns. Encountered outside the ghost train.
Fly straight at you.
Floats towards you in groups.
This guy inhabits the ghost train and releases tons of miniatures from his stomach. They are harmless but absorb your attacks... only the blue one can be hurt. Destroy it and they all die.
Shoots beams from his eye.
Dracula! The four monsters leading up to the final boss are "american style" classic monsters.
Bonus: Ghost Tailong!
  For those interested, here's the character icons from Gegege No Kitarou: Ghost Tailong!
Kitarou, the goblin! Kitarou all happy! Medama Oyaji, the eye! Medama all happy! Neko the cat girl! Neko all happy! Nezumi Otoko the rat man! Nezumi all happy! Itten-Momen the cloth ghost! Itten-Momen all happy! Nurikabe the ermm...wall! Nurikabe IS ALL HAPPY! Konakaji Ijii the...old spirit guy. He is all happy! Sunekake Baba the hag! Sunekake all happy!


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