Super Metroid Creature Sprites
Co-stars of the metroid series, these gelatinous, flying lifeforms are presumably the most dangerous
creatures in the
whole damn universe. They can drain the lifeforce from anything they touch, survive in
deep space, multiply when exposed to beta rays and
even evolve into numerous bigger, stronger forms
on their home planet
. In Metroid II, heroine Samus Aran battles and destroys the dragon-like metroid
queen, and Its last egg hatches into a larva that imprints on Samus as its mother. "Super Metroid"
begins when this larva is stolen from a laboratory by
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Alcoon are dragons with legs.
Giant molecules that home in on Samus. They are confined to tanks in the wrecked ship until Phantoon is destroyed.
Beetom are leaping parasites that will latch onto intruders and suck blood. Their eyes turn red as they feed.
A beetom jumping.
Giant sidehopper.
This weird blob looks like a lump of pale Puyo. It doesn't move and only one exists, in a short tunnel in Maridia.
Boyon are blobs that jump up and down.
Bulls are quicksand-loving floating balls of suckers (or perhaps eyes) that ram intruders
Choots (or chute leeches) spring upwards and float down on prey.
Choots (or chute leeches) spring upwards and float down on prey.
Choots (or chute leeches) spring upwards and float down on prey.
Covern are the ghosts that haunt the wrecked ship. They materialize over you.
The Dachola is a flightless bird that shows you how to charge up a super jump.
Giant desgeegas. Stronger than the little ones, encountered only briefly.
Desgeegas are the norfair version of sidehoppers.
These strange eyeballs always cover the door to a boss chamber. They shoot balls of energy.
Dragons resemble seahorses. They live in lava and spit fireballs.
The Etecoons will demonstrate how to use the tricky wall-jump maneuver. They
Evir may be remnants of a sentient race. They are found in underwater ruins and retreat into the muck as you approach, firing spiny spheres.
Firefleas are non-aggresive and keep the surrounding rooms lit. Destroying them will darken the area.
Giant, predatory flowers that grow on certain walls and cielings. Zebbo emerge from them and they chew on anything that falls in them.
Fune are like nahime, but encountered in ridley's lair.
Gamets are norfair's pipe-dwellers, and the only type that emerges in groups.
Geemers use their sticky feet to crawl on walls and cielings.
Geruta are the heavily armored norfair equivalent of the Reo.
Kago are big, immobile hives inhabited by tiny hopping creatures. The official nintendo artwork reveals these bugs up close to be round balls with two legs and two very large eyeballs on short stalks.
Yapping Maws live in shallow water. They are immobile and extend on long necks to grapple prey.
Mellow are tiny gnats that live in swarms.
Metaree are identical to Skree but protected by drill-like metal wings.
Mochtroids are the weak
Nahime are skull-like immobile enemies protruding from holes in the walls. They spit plasma balls.
Holtz are found in the hottest depths of norfair and are one of the game's strongest normal enemies.
Nova are simple wall-walking enemies like the Geega and Zeela, but are native to norfair and are covered in fireproof wool.
Oum are rolling nautilus-like crustaceans.
Owtches burrow into the sand to hide.
Powamps are balloonlike sea animals. Samus can swing off them with the grappling beam.
Puyo are blobs that jump side to side.
Reo are vicious flying insects with sharp pincers. They are encountered in both crateria and brinstar.
Rippers float lazily back and forth. Their shells are too strong for anything short of a super missle to crack.
These tiny, cockroachlike scavengers scurry away when you approach.
Some rippers are much faster than normal rippers and have rocketlike exhaust flames.
Scisor are the maridian cousins of the Geegas.
Shaktool is an odd machine found in maridia. Only one exists. If left alone, it will dig you a passage.
Sidehoppers are predators that leap sideways, and defy the laws of gravity by sometimes jumping upside down.
A sidehopper jumping.
Skree hang from ceilings and drop down on prey slashing with their bladed wings.
Skultera is a type of metallic fish with rotating body segments.
Squeept are nothing but heads with large mandibles, and leap in and out of lava pools.
A Squeept with its mandibles closed.
The mother Tatori is found in maridia, and will only attack if you shoot at her adorable babies.
Violas are single-celling flying creatures found in norfair.
Wavers fly in an undulating pattern and cannot be harmed when their shell closes.
Yard are fast-moving snails in the sewers. They can be kicked around like footballs!
Zeb are brinstar's
Zebbo are first encountered flying out of the carnivorous flowers. They also come out of the lava in Ridley's lair.
Zeela are crabs with eyestalks native to brinstar. They are identical in behavior to Geemers.
Zeroes are slow-moving grubs that don't do much of anything at all.
The discarded shell of a Zero.
Zoa are maridia's
The inventors of Samus Aran's armor and starship, the Chozo are an extinct, birdlike race so
advanced that they became incapable of evolving any farther, and stepped aside to observe other
sentient species. The statues they have left on
planet Zebes hold various artifacts that Samus can
integrate into her suit as new weapon systems.
Samus' sworn enemies, the space pirates are led by the evil Mother Brain (see bosses) and utilize
the Chozo's ancient homeworld of Zebes as their base of operations. The soldiers of the space pirate
army come in two varieties: humanoid, mantis
-like "Zebesians" (who can fire rays from their claws) and
flying, wasp
-like "Kihunters" who hop around and spit acid when their wings are blown off.
A nearly constant deluge of acid rain makes the surface of Zebes almost uninhabitable, but beneath the ground lies
a subterranean ecosystem teeming with strange and deadly organisms. The areas of Zebes are
Crateria (rocky
caverns close to the surface)
Brinstar (an underground jungle of fungus and thorny vines) Maridia (an
underground sea)
Norfair (a place of boiling lava close to the planet's core) Tourian (the space pirate's hideout)
and the
Wrecked Ship (a crashed vessel that is now haunted by Phantoon and his minions)
"Harmless" creatures:
-Hold mouse over all images for names and descriptions (may not work in Firefox)-
The wrecked ship's Worker Robots, insane after years of neglect.
Magdolites live in lava and appear to be made out of it. They turn into giant hands and throw lava at you when you approach.
Oum are rolling nautilus-like crustaceans.
Oum are rolling nautilus-like crustaceans.
-The Bosses-
The only boss in Crateria. Torizo is an evil Chozo variant that
awakens once you take the
item it holds in statue form. It fights by
sending energy waves out of its claws and spitting explosive
A giant plant genetically engineered by the space pirates
and the miniboss of Brinstar. It swings back and forth,
occasionally opening its shell to expose its weak point. The
four pods that hang from the ceiling release numerous
harmful spores.
The largest of the pirates and the main boss of Brinstar. Kraid spits explosive rocks
from his mouth, throws his claws and fires thorny creatures from the three holes in
his belly (yes, those are creatures. The official nintendo artwork reveals sharklike
mouths on their undersides)

 In the room before your fight with Kraid, you'll encounter his rather cute
miniature clone.
My favorite miniboss, Norfair's slimy Crocomire spits energy balls and is
impervious to almost all damage thanks to its thick, sticky skin. The only way to
defeat crocomire is to fire missles into its mouth. Each shot causes Crocomire to
step backwards towards a weak, crumbling bridge. When the bridge collapses
under Crocomire's weight, he dissolves in the lava below. His skeleton will take
one final lunge at you, but collapses before it has a chance to attack.
A scrapper
to the end!
Mother Brain's favorite henchman, Ridley is a flying, firebreathing reptile
with a razor sharp tail and claws.
It was this diabolical being who stole the
Metroid larva at the start of the game, and he serves as the final boss in the
hellish Norfair.
The rather minor miniboss of Maridia. A giant eel that
swims in and out of holes in the wall, occasionally firing a
spread of bullets from its mouth. Easy to defeat.
The boss of Maridia is a HUGE Evir and probably not affiliated with
the space pirates. It clutches you in its legs and attacks with its tail.
Upon its defeat
, a group of unique-looking  Evir will appear to bury
their fallen leader.
The ghost pirate makes its home in the wrecked ship, where it saps the ships
power supply and communicates telepathically with the Mother Brain. Phantoon
can go invisible and rematerialize anywhere, its eye is its only weak point and it
attacks by dropping ghostly
, hopping eyeballs or launching them in waves. Once
Phantoon is destroyed, power returns to the ship. This unlocks all doors but also
ctivates several traps and enemies, including the robots and curious, floating
Leader of the space pirate forces and main villain of the original Metroid series. Mother
brain is initially
confined within its tank as it was in the first game, but once "defeated," it falls
through the floor and rises on a terrifying new body.

In this form, the Mother Brain shoots energy bursts from its hands, toxic bombs from its
mouth and a deadly psychic ray that
Samus will find unavoidable. Her ultimate defeat was an
amazing twist when the game debuted, and not something I care to spoil.
The entrances to Ridley (left) and Kraid's (right) lairs.
The statue covering the entrance to Tourian.
Geegas come out of pipes in the walls, rather than in the floors.
Zeela are crabs with eyestalks native to brinstar. They are identical in behavior to Geemers.
Zeela are crabs with eyestalks native to brinstar. They are identical in behavior to Geemers.
Cacatac are walking cacti that swell to fire thorns in five directions. Mostly brinstar enemies, but theres a red one in norfair and blue in maridia.
The Metroids
The Chozo
The Space Pirates
The Creatures of Zebes
Spore Spawn
The Mother Brain
- Major Elements of the original Metroid series -
Samus Aran
Considered one of the first strong female leads in the video game world, Samus is a galactic bounty
hunter armed with a plethora of unusual weapons packed into her amazing armor.