If you don't know what Ultraman is, and you live in japan, slap yourself. While relatively obscure in america, the giant, silver superhero Ultraman and his thousands (literally) of giant alien opponents make up what may very well be the biggest franchise in the history of japan. Yes, a heck of a lot bigger than pokemon. The many different incarnations of Ultraman (originally just a humble little tv studio's answer to america's superman) have been around for decades and have spawned oodles of comics, toys and of course, video games. This page will eventually showcase every super nintendo/super famicom appearance of Ultraman's giant monster foes.

   Monster information is based on their actual tv appearances, not their game ones.
Japanese names are in paranthesis wherever the names differ.
Ultraman: Towards the Future.
Gudis (Goudes)
An evil space virus able to warp and mutate other living things. Gudis has a horde of other giant monsters under its control.
Gudis (Goudes) II
A further mutation of Gudis able to spit bubbles from its mouth.
Bogun (Broads)
Described as a "tadpole" in the television series. Bogun has two heads, a whiplike antenna and can spray toxic gas from the holes in its skin.
Barangas (Brrangas)
A pollution monster that produces deadly smog and can drift through the air in a toxic cloud.
Zebokon (Gazebo)
Lumbering, lethargic monster with a hard shell. Attacks by spitting flames.
Born from pesticides, Majaba (hooray!) fires lazers from its three eyes and can jump great distances or fly.
A bloated fish from the bottom of the ocean. Kodalar`s beam attack slices across the ground for miles.
Kilazee (Shiralee)
From the dark depths of an evil galaxy, Kilazee was only made bigger and stronger by the nuclear bomb intended to destroy it. Kilazee has a tail laser and fire breath.
One of several friendly monsters Ultraseven can summon from a special capsule to fight for him when he happens to be unable to transform.
Another capsule monster. A buffalo with huge horns it uses to ram enemies.
A robotic capsule monster from the planet metal. Has a laser equipped in its head.
King Joe
A wildly popular character (I just love his name) King Joe is a space robot formed from multiple UFOs that link together.
An electrical monster that can shoot lightning bolts or wrap its tail around Ultraman to shock him.
A snail-headed creature with ice cold breath that can freeze opponents.
Cute little bird guys who shoot lasers from their hands and can project multiple illusionary copies of themselves.
An alien who tries to conquer the world by inserting crystals into cigarettes that send smokers into a murderous rage. Kind of odd, yeah.
Borg goes around turning humans into mindless cyborgs and is armed with a face laser.
Not really evil, Gyeron seeks revenge on humans for destroying his homeworld with an experimental weapon. He can continuously reform if destroyed.
Attempts to invade earth through a dimensional portal generated by a machine. Fires energy bits from all over his body.
Dally (Darii)
A parasitic space-germ that hides in flowers as it awaits a suitable host. It enters the internal organs and feeds on blood, incidentally giving its host an appetite for the blood of others. Dally sprays a corrosive mist that can melt anything.


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