Huge thanks to Argyrodes for translating many monster names and attacks! Thanks also to Tengu, Ebe, Sagari and Hushicho at the Youkaimura forums, and Shane Calow!
Mizuki Shigeru no Youkai Dotyuki
  Mizuki Shigeru is the legendary creator of Gegege no Kitarou, a beloved children's manga and animated series revolving around Youkai - the ghosts, goblins and spirits of traditional eastern folklore. I'm not sure how involved he actually was in this game, or wether or not it has any connection to Kitarou (it seems to be an unrelated Youkai tale), but it's certainly presented me with quite a challenge. First off, it's LOADED with Youkai and other monsters that seem to change according to settings made before you begin play, and second, I can't read it. I have no idea if I've encountered every monster yet or even what I'm supposed to be doing at all.
  The game itself is of the "party board" genre. Up to four players (human or computer controlled) may compete simultaneously on a massive, tiled map as four of japan's most popular Youkai monsters. Each turn, a pair of slots randomly determine the number of spaces the player can move (from 0 to 8) and wherever he or she lands, a random effect will take place. In addition to a wide variety of simple point bonuses and penalties, effects range from falling asleep for several turns to (most importantly) random battles against wild Youkai. Battles are the menu-driven, turn-based RPG standard, except that each side gets only a single turn. The loser isn't the one "killed", but the one damaged most in the brief tussle. If, however, you do lose all your HP, your monster will turn to stone and miss 0-4 turns. The map changes from day to night as turns go by, and after so many days the points will be tallied and the players ranked. The game then continues right where it left off. If there's an ending, bosses, or anything beyond the main map I haven't reached it.
Player Monsters
Hitotsume-Kozou: these one-eyed goblins are generally harmless, but enjoy surprising humans. Attacks in the game by licking its opponent.
Kappa: probably the most popular of all youkai, kappa hold water in their dishlike scalps. Attacks by spraying water or throwing its head-bowl.
Kasa Obake: spirits born from discarded umbrellas, the mischievious Kasa can cause bad dreams. Attacks by spinning or by summoning a thundercloud.
Yuki-Onna: resembling beautiful human women, Yuki-onna are beings of ice and snow. Attacks with an adorable snowman army or a freezing wind.
These skeletons run the item shops.
Identified Youkai; Hold mouse over monster for name and information!
USHI-ONI - a massive spiderlike demon with the head of a bull. Some are harmless, others ferocious.
HEIKE - believed to be the spirits of Samurai who commited mass suicide at sea. NURIKABE - invisible to humans. Enjoys blocking pathways and getting people lost. Usually gentle, but some may attempt to cement people in their bodies.
This battle sprite appears over the Ittan-momen's enemies.
TENOKAJI - a blind man who was killed became this vengeful youkai with eyes in its palms
DORATABOU - a mud creature created from the body of an old man who's rice fields are sold after his death.
AMIKIRI - these pesky spirits use their pincers to cut mosquito or fish nets.
AZUKIARAI - a bean-washing ghost, usually invisible.
ITTAN-MOMEN - ribbonlike cloth spirits that are usually peaceful, but may wrap around and suffocate attackers.
HITODAMA - "spirit flames" supposedly common in graveyards.
KIRIN - guardians of all things innocent, Kirin are ancient beings of incredible wisdom and power.
If there are any specific names or legends for giant octopus monsters, let me know!
SIROUNERI - a creature formed from old, tattered mosquito netting or cheesecloth!
SUNAKAKE-BABA - Said to throw sand in the faces of travellers and vanish.
OHAGURO - faceless except for a black, toothy smile. They enjoy frightening people.
KAMAITACHI - "sickle-weasels". These bladed creatures fly and spin at great speeds. Merwoman
OHGUMO - a giant, spiderlike demon. One of the few youkai commonly portrayed as malicious and cruel.
KONAKI-JIJI - these pranksters disguise themselves as lost infants. When picked up by travelers, they rapidly increase in size and weight.
KABUSO - a prankster that can cause hallucinations. May trick people into sumo-wrestling with trees or rocks.
NUE -  bringers of misfortune and illness. They are able to fly in the form of a black cloud.
OTOROSHI - assive beasts composed mostly of hair, Otoroshi hang from the ceilings of shrines to drop down and kill intruders of malign intent.
MUKADE - a giant, man-eating centipede. Its venom is extremely lethal.
HYAKUME - a youkai with a hundred eyes, which can detach from its body.
YOBUKO - a hopping, mountain-dwelling spirit.
KAMIKIRI - similar to the amikiri, but specializes in cutting hair. ABURA-SUMASHI - these youkai are known for stealing oil and having a calm, stone face. NUPPERABOU - made from mud or human flesh, these monsters defend shrines from desecration by absorbing ill-meaning tresspassers.
UBIGABI - the spirits of greedy old women, they appear, oddly enough, during light rain. KITSUNE - fox spirits are wily shapeshifters, frequently disguising themselves as human women.
GASHADOKURO - these vengeful, skeletal spirits are often said to be as tall as fifteen men. BAKEKUJIRA - ghost whale
NURARIHYON - this youkai is a freeloading braggart who pretends to be far more important than he actually is.
SAGARI - the ghosts of horses who died near a tree. They use their asingle arms to clutch at branches. IWANA BOUZU
BAKEZORI - old straw sandals that have come to life.
Bakezori attack animation
RYU - just your basic eastern dragon.
MIZUCHI - uses an attack called "mirage"
TSUCHIGUMO - the Earth spider. A powerful and greatly feared monster with a variety of forms.
NINGYO - a mermaid-like youkai. Its meat is said to grant immortality.
IPPON-DATARA - a one-legged, one-eyed mountain dweller.
OBOROGURUMA - a runaway chariot monster.
SEKO - a little stone-throwing youkai NAMAHAGE - pertains to an old and complex festival
YATAGARASU - a sacred messenger crow with three legs
BASAN - literally a chicken from hell, it breathes fire.
Not all one-eye goblins are cute little bald children.
SUIKO - a water goblin said to be more fiendish and ill-tempered than the Kappa.
YUUREI - a vengeful female ghost.
MAKURAGAESHI - a spirit that steals pillows out from under sleeper's heads.
SYUNOBON - takes on human form and startles humans by revealing its true face.
SHIRO-BOZOU - these spirits have something to do with giving people smooth skin.
KASINN - tiny spirit children with fire-related powers (I think?)
GAMA - a toad that drains the energy of other creatures, such as pets in a house.
Ennraennra - a startling face that appears in smoke.
BAKU - the famous eater of dreams.
HITOME - a giant eyeball that appears in the sky.
  KASHABO - "weird-headed monk". Sometimes said to be a kappa that has been transformed.
  ASHIMAGARI - little, round whisps that attach to the feet of travellers and slow them down.
Unidentified Youkai/Misc
  E-mail me whatever information you have about the monsters below. I'll be sure to credit you on the next update. To make this process a tad easier, I've numbered them (hold cursor over sprite)
28 - I've seen these tube-mouthed, potbellied characters before.
Opening story sequence
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