Anpanman Character Reviews - KAIJU WEEK!

While yesterday's Kazekonkon kind of became the main "bad guy" kaiju of the Anpanman world, it feels a lot like that role was originally intended for Ankora, whose name is just a combination of anko and gojira, as though meant to be the setting's official Godzilla counterpart. Rather than a big lizard, however, Ankora is a gigantic dog with a horn on his head, who spends almost all of his time hibernating until disturbed by outside forces or his own hunger for the only food he eats. Can you possibly guess what that is?

Destructive, dumb and threatening in his first appearance, Ankora was so insatiable for anko that he depleted just about all of it...except of course for Anpanman himself. This is, surprisingly enough, one of the only enemies Anpanman ever had that exhibited any particular motivation to eat his head or took any bites of him by force, a problem you would have expected him to face with some frequency. To defeat such a threat, Anpanman wound up essentially booby-trapping himself, flying right down Ankora's throat - body and all! - while his head was secretly full of spicy curry, like Currypanman!

After his first defeat, Ankora mellowed out even more than Kazekonkon, virtually never again filling out an antagonistic role and even joining the list of Anpanman's full blown "friends," which just goes to show you how much Anpanman is willing to forgive and forget or at least silently tolerate. The writers seem to just love him, in fact, to the point of eventually giving him a girlfriend of his species and finally a monstrous child, Koankora.