Anpanman Character Reviews - KAIJU WEEK!

Appearing in a movie and at least one TV episode, today's giant monster is perhaps one of the most menacing looking that Anpanman has faced, the kind of creature that could have come directly out of a Dungeons and Dragons game or a Cosmic Horror tale. "Doronkomaou" basically means "Mud Demon King," and he's a huge, black column of muck with a mouthful of humanlike teeth, a baleful cyclops eye and dozens of tentacles. Tentacles whose ball-like tips once again bring to mind the antennae of other "filth" creatures, but it's once again uncertain if that was at all intentional.

The Mud Demon King is another monster that sleeps until disturbed, which sure gives Anpanman world a lot more Cthulhus than you probably expected, doesn't it?

The next best thing about this guy, after the fact that an Anpanman character looks this much like a Yochlol, is that he has his own custom little minions and that they look like floating, beady-eyed, pinkish "ghosts" made of mud! They're ADORABLE! As adorable as they are legitimately cool and creepy as a monster concept...flying globs of wet clay that serve what's basically a dark god of mud!?