Anpanman Character Reviews - KAIJU WEEK!

Our last giant monster - for now - is also one of the weirdest, which you know by now is saying quite a bit. Ookabiotoko is, at first glance, just a very VERY filthy man who lives in a cave.

So filthy, in fact, that mere proximity to this unsanitary vagabond is enough to break out Anpanman in mold. You'll notice not only is all of his hair green, but he has kabirunrun-style "antennae" sticking out of him.

A very dirty man, however, still doesn't qualify as a "monster," let alone a giant monster. Baikinman is even kind of annoyed and disappointed when he's first introduced to him by Horrorman, unconvinced that a smelly bachelor has any secret means of defeating Anpanman, but the secret is in the name! Ookabiotoko sort of breaks down into "giant moldy man," but it's also a pun on ookamiotoko, which translates to...

"WOLF MAN!" Yes, he's not only a very dirty, filthy, moldy man, but can transform under the full moon into a very dirty, filthy, moldy werewolf the size of a skyscraper, shedding enough mold spores to fog up the entire town in toxic fungus!

Seriously, what a concept. A giant werewolf infested with fungus. It sounds like a ripe idea for a Bloodborne boss fight, but what in Anpanman's world wouldn't be dramatically terrifying in an even slightly different context?

It's also a concept that ONLY exists because you can make that contrived pun, but that's literally the origin of almost every youkai, tons of pokemon, and basically most of the rest of Japanese culture. I want to think this is another being created by the Baikin Star, but we don't really know if he has any real relation to the Kabirunrun; only that both are related to mold.