Free-lance Creature Design by Jonathan Wojcik
For as long as I've been cognizant enough to remember, I've been creating my own monsters.
More concepts come to me every hour than I could ever possibly find the time to doodle or write
down. What I lack in training or technical skills I make up for with an imagination I have the utmost
confidence in, and can immediately blanket any piece of paper with rough thumbnails of almost
entirely fresh ideas:
-Click any thumbnail to enlarge-
At any moment, I can sit down and scribble a full page of creatures in 3-10 minutes, and produce
pages like these on an average of one and a half per day. I have literally thousands of them filed
away across two or three states by now, and who knows how many have had to end up in landfills.
It's entirely possible that I've sketched down
millions of ghosts, mutants and aliens in my
quarter-century on this planet, but rarely put them to any actual
use. That's where YOU come in!

If you would like me to design or draw absolutely anything within my ability for absolutely any
reason, just contact me (see bottom of the page) after reading the relevant conditions below:
Need any kind of monster For any kind of project? See below for information!
Can't think of a good monster to threaten the hero of your webcomic for a couple strips? Pop out and bite
someone's head off in your flash animation? Maybe you just need something original for that filthy tentacle
fan-art you've been working on?

single creature idea for non-profit purposes will be free of charge. All you have to do is credit me and
link to my website somewhere visible.

Here's how it will happen:

1) you tell me the kind of creature you want. Let's say you're looking for a monster that's, I don't
know, half squid and half skull.
2) by the end of that very day, I'll have a page like this of many rough, tiny doodles.

3) choose the one you like, and I'll send you a few more, slightly better sketches of how it could look.

4) use this idea any way you wish in your own artwork, so long as you credit me for creating the creature
and link back to my website (a message like "
monster design by Jonathan Wojcik -")

Again, this first creature will be free. Part of my goal is to just to spread my art around and find homes for
this over-abundance of ideas. If you want any more ideas from me in the future, they will have to cost
$1.00 each because I have a toad and some snails to feed. Everybody gets the one freebie!

They are to appear in
your own artwork and stories strictly to be awesome. You can't sell t-shirts, books, album covers or
anything else with my concepts on them without asking me first.
I will design and draw creatures in FLASH for any and all game projects completely free of charge under
two conditions:

1) credit me and link to in the game's credit or title screen.

2) I get a cut if your game ever generates money in any way (including through ad revenue.)
If you would like to use anything designed by me for profitable purposes, I just need some percentage of
the earnings. This will vary on a case by case basis. Profitable purposes include:

-Site, company or product mascots.
-Illustrations for books, magazines or album covers.
-Creatures to appear in flash cartoons, comics or games with ad revenue.
-Creatures to appear on advertising banners, fliers or posters.
-Creatures to appear on shirts, buttons or stickers.
-Artwork or ideas for any website that charges money to sign up.
AIM: Scythemantis