Dr. H.M. Phage, T. E:
...Fine, fine. We'll check on it, since you know so much better than I do all the sudden. I'm ONLY the head practitioner around here, with the single most esteemed medical certificate I've ever invented, but what do I know, right?

Dr. H.M. Phage, T. E:
...There, see? Not only is it still behaving itself in bed, not at all being a "huge liability," it's even getting SMALLER, just like I knew it would. That's its healing process in action. I wrote a paper on it. Peer reviewed it myself!

Now, let's just let it get its rest before it starts shooting at us.

Dr. H.M. Phage, T. E:
I swear, sometimes you're a bigger worry wart than my last intern, and she was a BIG wart.

With anxiety disorder.

If you need me for a real problem you didn't make up, I'll be in my office, peer reviewing my latest groundbreaking discoveries.

You hear the two monstrosities part ways down the hall, and the sound of two different doors shutting.

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