>Investigate the dead monster

You cautiously approach the huge carcass, and apologize again for how things turned out. The thing emits a contented sigh of agreement as it seems to lose consciousness for the last time, and something clatters from its surface, rolling to your feet.

It actually appears to be your stick, now overgrown with mineral waste. It doesn't feel terribly strong, but it is terribly sharp.

>Check on the baby stones?

You can't help feeling terrible right now, even for killing a giant kidney stone in self defense, but its young are already back to giggling at one another as they chew on what used to be their mother. Morbidly fascinated by the disturbing scene, you almost jump as something brushes your foot.

You get an overpowering feeling that the tiny thing wants to come with you, for whatever reason. This seems to be confirmed by its happy cooing as it is picked up and put into your tote bag, followed by a loud, cartoonish snoring. It fades as the bag goes wherever it goes when you're not paying attention to it.

>Look for your dead friend

Where the friendly nose thing fell, there are only some soft globs, rapidly melting in a puddle of mucus. The monster seemed to imply earlier that death was permanent wherever you are now. You couldn't have known that things would turn out this way. Nothing makes any damned sense here. Did the Nose know it was killing other thinking beings? It seemed like little more than a baby itself. You would do your best to give it a nice burial if you weren't standing in a giant....kidney? Bladder? You're not even going to keep thinking about it.

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