The tunnel opened into a mind-boggling new space - some sort of absurd plant or factory where meat was being processed. Why did a hospital cafeteria need this much meat?! Surprisingly, the place smelled more like candy than a slaughterhouse, and the mechanical sounds around me would have made great club music. It all should have been terrifying, but I felt amazingly safe, even fascinated. I couldn't recognize any of the dead stuff, but at least that ruled out any of it being human.

I knew the place could just be screwing with me, getting into my head like other things that won't be mentioned because they're jerks and I still totally wasn't listening to them, but the burger hadn't threatened me yet. Just in case, I kept one hand on my...stick thing. The kidney stone stabber thing. You know what, I'm going to call it a sword. A crystal sword. Yeah! I'm like, uh, whatever you call a lady who fights with a sword. Does that have a name? Damn it, I don't think it even does.