>Collect yourself, take stock of things.

You've woken up outside of "Ora," and it...she...appears to have been torn completely out of her chamber. There's no trace of Lexis, either.

The last thing you remember clearly was Lexis talking about nerve toxin. Ass. You remember your conversations, but how much can you even believe?

You had...dreams? You don't remember what they were, but you feel emotionally drained, and overwhelmingly anxious.

The blood trails up the wall behind you and stains the ceiling, but there are no openings in sight, nowhere for anything to have come or gone that you can find.

Ora's acidic fumes didn't have time to do much. The damage to your skin isn't much worse than a light sunburn, though your gown is a bit tattered and your throat stings.

Your bag is fine. On close inspection you can hear the kidney stone and the polyp thing slumbering away. They seem to take turns snoring a little song. It's "The Worms Crawl In." Of course it is.