>Take Inventory

You're going try opening "your" door last, and wait for an emergency before you ask the rock for help. Maybe you can figure out what you're supposed to do here.

In the center of the room is a large vat of transparent, maroon jelly that doesn't look at all like the way blood would, guys, come on. Ice cold air flows off it.

There are 36 drawers in the walls for holding bodies, including some on the wall you entered through, which you're pretty sure was only inches thick, but you're getting used to that kind of thing.

Worms proceed in an almost orderly fashion through the entryway, into the opposite door, back out again, and disappear into vents along the ceiling.

Left of the door is a large switch with its own keyhole. It appears to be in an "off" position.

Beneath the switch is some sort of monitor. A large power cable seems as though it's meant to connect this panel with the jelly tub.

To the right of the door is what looks like a chute to an incinerator.