>Put a Worm in the Jelly

You slide your indestructible dead doppelganger back into the wall for now, and with your glorious crystalline saber, you scoop up a worm and drop it into the jelly. A really awful looking one that keeps making terrible flatulent noises with its mouth. What a dreadful, ghastly, heinous worm. You are trying really hard to pretend you hate the innocuous but disturbing creature in case something bad happens to it. You've had enough moral crises for the day.

The thing slowly sinks into the jelly and continues wiggling in slow motion. At least you know it isn't acid. The worm just sort of hangs there while you plug the cable in.

There's a shudder from the door, but it remains locked anyway. The monitor starts monitoring whatever reading it's getting from the terrible, terrible worm.