>Who are you?


Oh, of course! Excuse my lack of manners! I'm Doctor Everton Morteus Balmer, head biovessel archivist licensed in all biopositive matter zones! These are my associates, Mister Methanyll and Miss Hyde.




Pleased ta meatcha!

The metal thing - Dr. Balmer - speaks from the glass tank situated where a "head" might be, metallic lid flapping and fluid bubbling with every syllable. The little things have thick English and Bronx accents, respectively, with a buzzing, vibrating quality. None make any move towards you, but despite the lack of recognizable facial features, you somehow get the unmistakable impression that they are smiling very hard.

Doctor E.M. Balmer:

We've little time to waste, you simply MUST come to the lab with us! Why, the fate of this very world hangs in the balance!