>Uh, what "urgent business" exactly?

Dr. E.M. Balmer:

Goodness me! We can't discuss that here! Oh, how I'm loathe to imagine what ghoulish biological riff-raff could be slithering about in earshot! No doubt you've seen your share of ravenous beasts gnawing their vile way through these majestic plains. Horrid! Horrid, all of them!!


Yeah, no offense, but I haven't had a very positive track record listening to anybody lately. I'm pretty sure I've been dead anywhere between three and three thousand times now, I have no idea what this place is, why I'm here or how, and I need to get back to what I was doing as quickly as possible, so I'm not going anywhere until I know exactly how far I can trust you versus how far I can throw you, and if I have to, I'm fully willing to test that myself.


...Not a cheese person, I take it? We do have a fine selection of alcoholic bev-


Lead the way.