You cautiously follow the beings inside their...facility...built into something that looks distressingly like a gigantic body organ, though that probably doesn't mean much of anything since the same can be said of around half the people you've been holding conversations with lately...right?

The little ball creatures bring you a remarkably normal-smelling, normal-tasting beer before disappearing down some side hall. You've never been a drinker, but you really earned this. You try to pretend you're more interested in what the machine is saying as it waddles down the hall, the clanking of its bottom corners awkwardly distracting from its ongoing babble.

Dr. E.M. Balmer:

...So! (CLANK) Where (CLANK) were (CLANK) we? (CLANK) Ah, (CLANK) yes, (CLANK) inert (CLANK) sub-concept (CLANK) vessel (CLANK) MG-(CLANK)0908-(CLANK)BN/(CLANK)SK/HL(CLANK)-39004(CLANK)38093(CLANK)990 is (CLANK) in (CLANK) grave (CLANK) jeopardy! (CLANK) We've (CLANK) narrowly (CLANK) managed (CLANK) to (CLANK) preserve (CLANK) a (CLANK) prior (CLANK) iteration, (CLANK) but (CLANK) I (CLANK) fear (CLANK) this (CLANK) magni(CLANK)ficent (CLANK) micro(CLANK)cosm (CLANK) and (CLANK) thousands (CLANK)(CLANK) like (CLANK) it (CLANK) are (CLANK) beginning (CLANK) to (CLANK) resist (CLANK) sterilization! (CLANK) Why, (CLANK) in (CLANK) all (CLANK) my (CLANK) layers (CLANK) of (CLANK) Biovessel (CLANK) Archivism (CLANK) I (CLANK) can't (CLANK) rightfully (CLANK) say (CLANK) I (CLANK) recall (CLANK) such (CLANK) a (CLANK) ghastly (CLANK) contamination (CLANK) level...(CLANK) oh, (CLANK) the (CLANK) horror, (CLANK) the (CLANK) delicious (CLANK) horror (CLANK) of (CLANK) it (CLANK) all! (CLANK)(CLANK)(CLANK)

This (CLANK) way (CLANK) to (CLANK) the (CLANK) observation (CLANK) deck!

You follow closely, silently praying for the thing to just get where it's going and stop walking.