>Can you get across?

You do feel lightweight in this place, but not enough to confidently leap across the wide river. You'd probably get sucked under by some giant monster anyway.

>Grapple the tree?

Your grappling hook only looks to be about half as long as the river's width. You consider lengthening the rope with something, but when you test the nearby "trees," you find them to be very soft and spongy. Now you're not even sure the tree over there would hold, either.

>Jump off a worm?

You don't think that's a risk you're willing to try just yet, unless a worm is willing to cooperate. You call out to see if any of the worms might be both intelligent and friendly enough.

You can't tell which worm shouted "UP YOURS," but it's the only response you get, besides what sounds like snickering from another one.

>How far does the river go?

It continues as far as you can see in both directions. Maybe you can find a place to cross, but you'll still have to go through more forest.

>Can you swim it?

You are 99% sure you're looking at a river of pus. You are not swimming it.