After a lengthy, but largely uneventful trek, you finally arrive at the fetid pit known as the Pus Marsh. At its center, a glistening structure of congealed, rubbery pus sways softly and subtly back and forth, emitting a sound like someone stirring wet custard. Worms writhe and gurgle on the surrounding banks, but seem either unwilling or unable to get too close.


Staphy! You brought frie-er-you brought those friends I saw in my vision!


That's amazing, Maggie! How is your Mistress?


The transmigration approaches, but she's the same old chatterbox. She'll be very happy to have one last visit!


I...don't have to go inside that thing, do I?


Now, now, don't be shy! You're a full grown world!


Just what we needed...more animal life.

I'll be staying out here.