400th Page Fan Art Gallery

One hundred pages ago, I promised we would be back at the hospital well before we reached this next milestone, but it looks like we're going just a little over that projection, and I'm going to shift the blame squarely on you for liking these characters and providing so much enthusiastic feedback that for every idea I think I have, your comments help me concoct at least another dozen. I wouldn't even have half a series without your help. Shame on you. Look at what you did.

Fortunately, I can promise for real that this month is the last we're spending in our own corpse. I know you guys have gotten really attached to Maggie, Celia and Staph, but they won't be out of the picture for good. We've still just got a lot more weirdos to meet and weird places to meet them!

As our 400th page, it's time I collect another batch of fan art, and all the usual stuff applies: I probably messed up some of the links, and I probably missed some pieces of art since I just do my best to collect it over the course of months. I'm still taking a break for a few days after all this work, but when Awful Hospital updates again, we're diving straight into a very important battle...and then we're gonna find out once and for all what's going on with Dr. Balmer, Celia, the Morgue, and an extra special FREMB.

IF YOUR NAME SAYS "ARTIST": Sorry, this is because your full username is long enough that it would break the layout!

ORIGINAL FAN CHARACTERS: Still don't have quite enough for their own gallery, but we're getting there!

NSFW ART: google would throw a fit if I posted some of it here, but it's good to know some people want to jump a giant virus's proverbial bones because of me. THUMBS UP!

MESSED UP LINKS: I assembled this page one copy/pasted filename at a time. There will be some ERRORS on my part, and some blogs may be dead ends if their usernames have changed. If I messed up yours, or you want it removed or changed, just let me know in a comment below!

IF YOUR ART WASN'T INCLUDED AT ALL: PURE ACCIDENT. I try to include everything I've ever found, but there's so much being uploaded, almost every day!