>Visit Room VII

Exam room VII...where that poor little nose was. Where you killed those living kidney stones. Last time you were here, the room had scabbed over. Freaking creepy. Now, it looks normal again from the outside...is the little nose back? You come back every time. Surely they could fix him, couldn't they?

You just have to know...
YEESH, finally! Schomething with ARMSH! Not that I'm knocking thoshe lil' round galsh, they mean well enough, but they don't do much other than bouncshe around the room and blow up when they get frushhtrated. Not the kinda shhhervice I come here for, y'know? Hoo boy. Sho, you get my teshht back yet or what, tootshh? I tell ya what, I remember when the hoshpital wash runnin' like clockwork, why, lasht time I came in for a cashe a the shhhpurtsh, I wash in an out fashter'n a -

It doesn't stop talking. It smacks like a wet, sloppy mouth and you're starting to feel somewhat queasy.

At least now, you finally know for certain that patients ever come or go. That's...that's a positive sign, right? Right?...it occurs to you that you've still never seen one "recover," exactly...