>Visit the Bloodstain?

You slowly back out of the vomit creature's room, and pretend its current condition isn't almost definitely your fault. You wonder who or what might be in that room across from yours now, where that talking patch of blood used to be...

Well howdy there! Long time no faz!

The bloodstain is right back where it was, though looking a bit livelier than you remember. It clicks away on the television remote, despite the TV being off, or maybe it just looks that way to you. You don't really know anymore. You're not sure what to say...

Aw, don't be shy, I'm always down fer' a nice chat!

Yer' lookin' pretty good these layers! Last time ya walked in here yer' dimensions were all outta whack, real inconsistent-like. Reckon yer' core was still acclimatin' to the hospital!