>Revisit the Eyeballs

You say your goodbyes to Bloodstain for now, and decide to continue checking up on your fellow patients, with the new knowledge that things around the Hospital are even wronger than they're supposed to be.

Those sticky pink eyeballs...they seemed happy when you covered them in lice.

...You can't believe that's a real, actual memory you really, actually have.

Wouldn't hurt to see how they're doing...

Oh...okay then.



Fzzzzzfzfzfzfzfzfzzz! Ffffzzz!!!


Are...are you the same patient?

...Eyeballs? Hello? Does anything here still talk?

The tiny, pink globs continue to ooze silently around the huge bug, which occasionally scratches at itself with a pincer or two. It shows no sign of caring about your presence.