500th Page Fan Art Gallery

Last fan-art gallery, we were still mucking around in our own corpse, it was still the Halloween season, I wasn't married yet, you didn't know Fern had a name and you didn't know Doctor Balmer was tiny. So many changes in just five months! But, yeesh, we're only 100 more pages in after five months?! It sure doesn't feel like my updating rate slowed down that much or I took that many breaks, but I guess I've been working on a lot more artwork behind the scenes than I ever was before, planning out rooms and events more carefully, and putting together more elaborate visuals now that we're back in the hospital itself.

It's so nice to be there, too! Corpse-world really got out of hand in terms of length and scope, and new readers wouldn't even miss much from our main storyline if they skipped it entirely...but that's kind of what I was going for, I guess. More of a "side arc" than anything else. I felt really satisfied with how its story wrapped up and what we learned about its characters, so I only have more confidence than ever to fully realize Awful Hospital's "A" Plot.

On an unrelated note, you can now be a ghastly barbeque on Garrys Mod.

On our last page, Fern met a fellow human(?) patient(?) for the first time, and the comments sort of super-exploded. I can assure everyone that there is absolutely not, and never will be, a romantic subplot involving Fern. She's not into that. Meeting this guy will, however, answer some questions we've had since we started the series, and we're going to learn even more insidious secrets from there.

IF YOUR USERNAME JUST SAYS "ARTIST": Sorry, this is because your full user is long enough that it would break the layout! You can let me know if there's a shortening you prefer!

NSFW ART: I can't post it, but I still collect it and treasure it with all the other fan stuff. When I'm feeling down I can open a folder right now and see a picture of a moldy hamburger with a schlonger and say to myself "I caused this to happen." That's a pretty special feeling!

MESSED UP LINKS: I feverishly assemble this by hand from fan-art I've saved over the course of months, so there are gonna be MISTAAAAAAKES. Some people even change their usernames and then their blogs don't work! Silly!!! Please let me know if something needs changing or fixing!

IF YOUR ART WASN'T INCLUDED AT ALL: IT'S ACCIDENTAL, just let me know! You can also let me know anything else you want changed, any time!



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