>Play Along For Now?

Okay Fern, don't panic, but this guy is literally going around killing people. I mean, monster people, but still people? They can talk, anyway. Sure, you've had to put some things down...but those were attacking you, weren't they?

...Er...weren't they?

What are you supposed to do? You can't help him erase something from existence, but you don't wanna piss him off, either. Lose one fight against this guy and he's probably going to "bury" you too. No coming back. Your son would be parentless in the hands of weird doctors who barely know what he is.

The little creature's body appears to be shriveling up before your eyes.

...You know you've "died" in the Hospital multiple times, but how did they find out? Did they gather up what was left of you? How exactly DO they keep making you over again?

...How much do they need?...

Soooo, uh, how do we um, "bury" this...thing...exactly?


Huh? Oh, just wherever! Here in the break room I dug out one of the lockers.

My hands are a little full for dragging a carcass around, how about you get that for me while I grab lunch?

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