>Save a Piece of the Dead Monster

Entering a combination you don't catch, Jay opens the fifth locker down before busying himself with the vending machines.

You are greeted by the familiar slimy flesh you've seen before within the Hospital's walls. Is that even normal for this place? You've never thought about it before. A stench of rot wafts from the darkness within.

Cringing all the while, you push the monster's body through the gruesome aperture. Even its clothing feels like rubbery, slick flesh.

As inconspicuously as possible, you slice off one of the creature's oily digits with your "sword," and hastily stash it away. They've brought you back from less, haven't they?
ACQUIRED: Monster's Finger

You don't know much about this monster, but you know it doesn't deserve to be erased from existence just for offering a snack.

You're not even sure how this "resurrection" process works. How does the Hospital manage to find you, no matter where you kick the bucket? Maybe you can ask someone.

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