Silence. You're usually so relieved to be rid of Crash, but the sense that you're alone has never been stronger or more disturbing in all your wake-ups. It's almost as if someone or something else has disappeared with Crash.

She's out there, that woman. Unstoppable, bloodthirsty. So terrifying she's got monsters on her side. No matter how Crash might distort the truth, you saw her ruthlessness up close. You practically still feel the wounds.

And she knows how to
undo you if she ever decides she needs to. For good. You told her how yourself.

...So why
didn't she do it this time??

Maybe she just didn't think you were a threat, yet. Maybe she was sending you a warning.

Maybe she's satisfied with that. With you knowing what she's capable of. Maybe she'll leave you alone after all, if you stay out of her business.

Sometimes, you wonder if the buried really do cease to be. Maybe they wake up somewhere else? Maybe they get out of here.

...But you don't know that. Not for sure.

And even an eternity in this place doesn't terrify you like the thought of total non-existence. The possibility of being nothing.


Maybe if you go about your business and keep out of hers, just your usual routine. Maybe everything will be okay.

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