600th Page Fan Art Gallery

Since our 500th page, you've learned who our "villains" are and a lot of what they're about, you've controlled two completely different characters for the first time and you've waited patiently while my update rate slowed dramatically down. I've still had several updates a week the vast majority of weeks, but with a lot of new "real life" stuff going on, updates have sort of dropped from daily to an average of bi-daily.

Some people have also stopped reading entirely because they've felt that the surgical ward has not only taken too long (and I kind of agree), but that it's been too grim, too depressing, and Jay too unbearable even as an intentional bad guy.

Well, whether you've liked it or hated it, we're in the final stretch of the surgery ward and I intend for it to pay off. Part of that payoff was Jay's journal, which, I'll admit, I wrote stream-of-consciousness in one short sitting the same day it went up, though I'd had many of its details in mind since I first came up with him. The rest of that payoff will include a character you're meeting very, very soon, more than one surprise twist regarding Circula Tori, another new ally, a possible battle, and the passcode.

As for Jay, I've known what fate I wanted for him since before you met him, and if you can help Fern figure it out, I think it should satisfy both his haters and sympathizers.

Those who've stuck around, thanks, and double thanks for liking my bad ideas enough to draw, sculpt, knit or even wear them!

IF YOUR USERNAME JUST SAYS "ARTIST": Sorry, this is because your full name is long enough that it would break the layout! You can let me know if there's a shortening you prefer!

NSFW ART: I can't post it, but I still collect it and treasure it with all the other fan stuff. When I'm feeling down I can open a folder right now and see a picture of a moldy hamburger with a schlonger and say to myself "I caused this to happen." That's a pretty special feeling!

MESSED UP LINKS: I feverishly assemble this by hand from fan-art I've saved over the course of months, so there are gonna be MISTAAAAAAKES. Some people even change their usernames and then their blogs don't work! Silly!!! Please let me know if something needs changing or fixing!

IF YOUR ART WASN'T INCLUDED AT ALL: IT'S ACCIDENTAL, just let me know! You can also let me know anything else you want changed, any time!


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