>What Can You Do???

Well, you've rolfed on Jay's mattress, so, there's that.

Your head is exploding anew with thoughts that aren't your own. They seem to desperately want you to help these people. Some of them even want you to help Jay.

You were still never sure how you felt about these things in your brain, but for the moment, you feel closer to them. For once, you can easily read their good intentions, even if their intentions aren't the most realistic...


...A..Alright...I know I don't address whatever you are that often, but... let's be rational here...

I'm still here for my own reasons first. Maybe you think that sounds selfish, but I can't just take a weekend off to drag corpses out of a wall. It's not even physically feasible. I'm already dangerously close to passing out as it is.

For that matter...I don't even know if they can be saved. I don't know how this "respawning" really works. What I do know is that the staff in charge of it are overworked in a Hospital that's already falling apart all around us.

These people...they all look like they're patients. They have the same hospital gown. They might have been just like Jay and I, confused and sick and trapped in this place.

...Is it right to drag them back into that before we even know if there's any way home?

...I think this situation is too big for one person to fix...or at least for me to fix.

There might be some way to alert the Hospital itself to this that won't be too risky, but we can't be sure of that, can we?

I don't think we can waste any more time right now...but we'll think of something, I'm sure. We always have.

...But more than anything, I still have to find him.

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