The "buzzers" in your head are pretty interested in the book on the table, but it'll have to wait. For now, you just pocket it, after Lacey confirms it was "already there" when she checked in.

You let Willis hang onto it for now. Your inventories are sure getting stuffed...


There's nothing behind the painting but a small, black crack in the wall...



Uh...what? How about...no. Let's hear Chip's idea.

Chip, you've got a better plan than jumping into someone's...mouth?...Cut?...Self?...Right?


...I d-d-did say you wouldn't l-like it.


What, seriously?! That's it!? I...I -JUST- washed my hands......


The only p-possible alternative would be abyssal t-travel. Ch-chances of survival are indeterminate, while we know that passage through Lacey would be s-s-safer than a confrontation with the d-doctor.

You take a long, hard look at the oozing laceration still chatting up a storm...

...So, "abyss travel," you say?


Ap-p-pparently Tori decided to have the room's conceptual w-weakness covered with the d-d-decor rather than hire a qualified sealerator. You c-c-could break into an abyssal pocket and back into some other p-part of the hospital.

The likelihood that you may be nutritized by one or more abyssal b-bioforms is p-probably significant.

I would re-re-recommend travel through your recent acquaintance, p-personally.

You wonder if the "abyss" is that huge, empty blackness you saw when you first arrived. Had you seen anything...alive...out there? You thought you might have gotten a glimpse of some movement, or some strange, faint sounds.

You take a long, hard look into the black cavern that is Lacey. You wonder if she can even stop listing her cats long enough to let you inside. You also wonder once again how any of this can be real.

...anyway, that Vischeroy ish one of my favorite catsh, but that might be becaushe she'sh the mosht bonelessh. Karen ish the one that'sh lumineschent when you think about shocket wrenches, which comesh in pretty handy when you need to tighten her boltsh in the dark, but that alwaysh shpooksh Mortimer, who asshoshiatesh light with trianglesh, and we all know how trianglesh and catsh get along. Eve ish a black-eyed manxsh who can only locomote diagonally, and her shishter, Butternut, locomotesh only internally. The placshesh she goes inshide musht be pretty exschiting the way her tailsh whirl around! Robin left hish mouth shomewhere in the yard, but I can tell it'sh finding plenty of food wherever it ish shince he'sh really packing on the pounds. Artie can peel himshelf without any implementsh but he'sh pretty bad at putting it back on the right way, and shcared the heck out of hish brother, Shpoob, a long hair ragdoll who graduated top of hish classh in cat-being! Flattycake ish a pershian shtill learning how to manifesht dimenshion, but getting along pretty well with jusht the two sho far. CAT actually might not be one of the kittensh, but she showed up in the shame layer they were born and "CAT" is written all over her in lettersh that look way too important to be lying. She makesh good cheeshe, too, but I wish she wouldn't leave a trail of it everywhere she shlithersh. That reminds me, I named the little half-shpotted rex "Shlither" becaushe it'sh her favorite thing to do, even when she'sh wearing all her legsh. That cat Shlithersh into the funniesht predicamentsh, I shwear!

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