>Take the Northeast Tunnel

The shift in gravity as you step through the final exit-hole and UP into a familiar room is only the second most distressing thing about your escape.


Lacey...no offense, but I hope I never have to do this again.


None taken! You don't exshactly tashte great coming back out, yourshelf...but it'sh no biggie, you were nicshe enough to hear all my catsh.

...I think. Were you counting? Did I missh a couple hundred?


Oh, uh, oh no, they were definitely all there. I'm sure.

Um...just out of curiosity...what would happen if we'd, uh, kinda beaten up some sort of...police blob?...While we were in the...er...the you, I guess?


Ugh, shorry, you know how it ish with an overactive immune shyshtem...and the paperwork they make me fill out! Eeeesh! If you know any way to get them outta my hair for good, I'd be all earsh!


Oh, okay then. I'll, uh, keep you posted I guess.

>Unlock the Garbage

Oh! Right! The key you found in Jay's room had a biohazard symbol on it. Maybe there's something useful in any of these waste cabinets? There's gotta be a reason Jay was hanging onto it, right?

...You don't know what this is, but it looks extremely old and you aren't touching it. Maybe you'll have better luck elsewhere.

>Check the Box of Bandages


This brings your count up to sixty. Joy.

>Manage Inventory Again

Alright, you shuffle a few more things around...

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