You don't know what in the world that was about, but the "slob" just stands there, regarding you passively with one huge, glistening, compound eyeball.

Oh!! It's onna them thingers!!! Can I drink it Fern!?!

FERN:'s not hurt it unless it tries to hurts us first, like the other ones.

You're not sure what to make of the OVERPOWERINGLY positive vibes flooding your mind from the "buzzers," but you're to understand that while this is another one of Jay's stray bodies, you should under no circumstances lay a finger on it...or allow anything else to harm it, if you can help it.

Why? ...Did you miss something???

...If only you could still make out their voices individually...

...When did that change? Come to think of it, it's only gotten harder to separate them from your
own thoughts. Is that......good?

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