>Make a Final Check and Get Outta There

Feeling a little ill, you tuck the photos back into their envelope and carefully return it to the drawer.

You take a final stock of the room for anything useful....
The computer monitor doesn't turn on, and doesn't even appear to be plugged in. The desk lamp is using the room's only outlet.

The contents of the coffee mug smell like...

...Kale. It's a coffee mug of smoothie. That's kind of human.

The things in the jars twitch only slightly. Not surprising here. So does the ear model. Still not surprising.

The window...emits a soft, subtle, rhythmic creaking, as if the flesh behind it is slowly throbbing.

Doctor Man has no chair, and doesn't seem to use the room's small stool, since there are two perfectly shoe-shaped indentations on the floor behind his desk.

The germ in the trap is cold and lifeless. You've always seen these scurrying around the Hospital here and there.

>Check the Garbage, Fern.

Wait...was that, uh....them? It didn't feel like the same voices...and it didn't feel like you.

...You check the garbage.

Does this go to those rusted file folders you found? You remember how objects in the trash are forgotten like magic in this place. You're not sure if that extends to a wastebasket, but in any case...is this here by some accident, or was he hoping to hide it?

Will he miss it if you take it...?


Fern, hurry! I smell something WEIRD comin' down the hall!!!

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