700th Page Fan Art Gallery

Oh no...was our last milestone really back in October 2016?! That means I've only finished about a hundred pages in nine months, an average of one every three days. Have you noticed? Is that noticeably slow? It's definitely slower than I wanted to be doing. I even thought, at one point, that Fern would reach the door before summer and I'd take a three month break, to return for Awful Hospital's third birthday in August.

Well, now that date is only about 48 hours away. That's three years you've waited for the same macguffin. I can promise you that our next main story arc will finally resolve that issue.

There's a lot of things I kinda regret about the comic up to this point, sadly, that might have been rectified with better planning, pacing and foresight, but I guess the way it's gone completely off the rails and taken its time to wander might be the whole appeal for some people. Nonetheless, once Fern steps through that door to the maternity ward, I plan to tighten things up and give you a much more structured, focused adventure. It's practically a whole different world in there, enough so that we might even be treating it as a whole "second series," with a possible micro-arc (strictly kept to under a month in length) bridging the gap between the two.

For now, here's over 100 more pieces of collected fan art from over those past nine months, after the usual notices:

IF YOUR JUST SAYS "ARTIST": Sorry, this is because your full name is long enough that it would break the layout! You can let me know if there's a shortening you prefer!

NSFW ART: I can't post it, but I still collect it and treasure it with all the other fan stuff. When I'm feeling down I can open a folder right now and see a picture of a moldy hamburger with a schlonger and say to myself "I caused this to happen." That's a pretty special feeling!

MESSED UP LINKS: I feverishly assemble this by hand from fan-art I've saved over the course of months, so there are gonna be MISTAAAAAAKES. Some people even change their s and then their blogs don't work! Silly!!! Please let me know if something needs changing or fixing!

IF YOUR ART WASN'T INCLUDED AT ALL: IT'S ACCIDENTAL, just let me know! You can also let me know anything else you want changed, any time!


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