Leaving your companions behind for now, you follow Gynnie as she slithers back out into the ward...

Alright, Frannie! Let'ssssh go over the basssshicssh...


Gynnie explains that this is the more public face of the ward. Beyond this door are the education services, examination rooms and other facilities for parents-to-be.


This is apparently where more private, internal work is performed, including "special cases" and the "problem vault" she mentioned earlier.


You're told this is where that Doctor Fleagood spends most of his time, treating...dogs? The word is still overlaid with "BABY" whenever Gynnie speaks.


"Just knock" if you ever need her.


Gynnie? Just out of...curiosity...where are you keeping that Zero Patient again?


Oh, that would be the B-wing'ssh problem vault. Don't worry! We've got it locked up nicshe and tight in the vault'sh maximum-sshecurity containment chamber! Not even Doctor Phage ish getting in or out without my perssshonal approval and direct ssshupervisshion!

Truth be told, though...we can't rule out that I may need your assshishtance with that one on ssshome layer or another. It'sssh an awfully big "maybe," but we'll ssshee what you can handle before we upgrade your clearansche levels. No pressshure!


Right...no pressure....

Ssssoooo...what should I be doing first?


We can leave that up to you, dearie! I could show you around more, accompany you on a few bassshic tashks until you're comfortable working alone, or I can leave you to go your own pace. Theressh work to be done jusssht about everywhere, and I'm ssshure theresh plenty you can figure out on your own.

You can alwaysssh change your mind if you need me.

...What'll it be???

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