We ssshould be getting a ssshignal back from the real thisssh very layer!

Gynnie goes over the basic functions of the "egglet" with you, and it's all exactly how you remember these things. Soon, it CHIMES loudly, and the little being in the "display membrane," as Gynnie called it, begins to act differently...

With pleading eyes, the thing gapes its mouth wide and emits a repetitive "cheeping."

It'sssh all up to you!


You FEED the little thing, and it appears happy for a moment...but grows steadily agitated, jittering wildly and emitting an unpleasant keening.

Oh, dear, a tantrum after dinner! You sssshould know what to do!


It's not a pleasant feeling, using the egg's beady, wet eyeballs as buttons. The left cycles through commands and the right selects them. It all comes to you instinctively.

Selecting SCOLD immediately calms the thing down, but now it looks fairly miserable...and the meter at the bottom has lowered back down a notch.


You're torn between "play" and "meds." You try cheering it up by pressing "PLAY," but it only... deflates.


You administer the virtual MEDICINE, and the thing perks up, but shakily.


You quickly select "REST," and the HEALTH METER fills to the top.

Not bad! You've clearly done thisssh before. Of course, sssshubjectssh from different zonesssh will indicate their needs quite differently; not all of them will be this sssstraightforward.

We can now return thisssh EGGLET to sssshtashish! Let'sssh head over to the ARCHIVE.

The egg closes up again. It's warmer than it was, and you can feel a soft pulse.

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